Help Save the Deer in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.

November 26th, 2013 by Anja Heister


Rock-Creek-Park-Deer_Ryan-VYour help is needed to save the deer—fawns, does, and bucks—in Rock Creek National Park in Washington, DC, before the National Park Service resumes slaughtering them this winter.IDA is part of a growing coalition working on this campaign, and your assistance is critical to help stop this killing plan.

We sued the Park and lost the lawsuit last March. The NPS then killed 20 deer. This was the first time in the park’s 123-year history that NPS has allowed the killing of any wildlife in Rock Creek Park. We have also sent petitions to halt further killing of RCP’s deer to the NPS, and we have filed the opening brief for the appeal of our suit.

We work tirelessly to protect the deer in Rock Creek Park, but we really need YOUR help!

Here is what you can do:

Volunteer - We are looking for volunteers to assist with preparations for protests, creation and maintenance of a website, press, outreach, and in other areas. If you are interested, please email us at: We also welcome your suggestions for the campaign.

Contact the decision makers -  Express your opposition to the plan to resume the deer kill and your support of non-lethal controls. Contact Jon Jarvis, Peggy O’Dell and Tara Morrison of NPS and Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior.

Write Letters to the Editor supporting non-lethal controls, such as contraception, for Washington, DC’s Rock Creek Park Deer. Killing urban deer in an attempt to control their long-term population is not effective, moral, or humane.

Visit our Facebook page for more information -

Sign our online petition (we have over 14,000 signatures, keep them coming!) -

Thank you!