January 3rd, 2013 by Doll Stanley


The Holidays have come and gone, along with the many celebrations reflecting the beliefs and traditions of our families, communities, and our individual expression. We hope this has been a wondrous and joyful time for you. It has been a happy time for us at IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary. 

Brightening our holidays, Citizens for Animal Protection(CAP) in Houston, Texas, kindly included our Sanctuary’s Tessa Mae Flowers, Sookie, Philippe, Claudia, Doni G., Marcello, Zeta, Alaina, Sassafras, Sarsaparilla, Sadie and Shonia in their pre-Christmas adoption event.

 Tessa Mae Flowers and her nine siblings were rescued months ago. She was the “runt”. Her right front foot never developed and her nub was raw. To protect her from further injury and suffering Dr. Bushby removed her problem limb. She healed rapidly and did very well on her three sound legs. I’m thankful that dogs don’t seem to be as worried as humans about these things.

As of Christmas Eve only Doni G. was awaiting her turn to go home with her new guardian. I just know we’ll get good news soon about this girl.

The following are a couple of messages we received from CAP during the adoption event –

“Philippe just got adopted to a home that already had his stunt double!!! The two of them look so cute together!”  

“The adoption did go through on Claudia. Wonderful home, single woman with another little dog, who works from home, her vet is one that we have worked with for years….so there should be no complications there.” (Claudia came to HAS with an injured knee.)—Jessica Marks, CAP.

Here in Mississippi, a wonderful guardian, who’d given care and medical attention beyond the call of duty for her previous companion dog, inquired about two of our dogs.

The Friday before Christmas, Aubry and I drove our Goldie, now “Maddie”, to meet with her prospective guardian and family. Wow! Maddie was welcomed in the house and went directly to the huge bed before the warm hearth. After greeting the family she spotted the box of toys by the yard door. All was well with her.

The good news that has followed Maddie’s adoption has been so gratifying. Maddie has her very own perfect match.

 Of Maddie–

“She is a joy and appears happy and more relaxed. We are enjoying her and I think she is enjoying us. She sleeps well at night and during the day, and handles the short periods when we have left her to run an errand. At night if I stir she is right by my side for a pet and loving. She really is a sweetie.”– Jo Anne

Sheriden, our handsome large Golden Retriever fella, joined Maddie on our trip. A friend with a Golden retriever rescue had agreed to aid us with his placement. The calls we’d gotten for him locally were from people who wanted an “outdoor” dog. Sheriden deserves so much more, as they all do.

We are also happy to report that the animals we’ve been able to rescue during this season are doing well.

For instance, I received a call yesterday that a dog had been abandoned three months ago. Feeding him hadn’t been a problem, but he had a foot injury that was of concern. I believe the caller was an elderly woman who simply was unable to help him further.

The rescue in itself was quite an adventure. If you’ve ever gotten sketchy directions to anything on our rural back roads you know one misdirect can take you to Transylvania. I was grateful for our new mud grip tires. Though it was dark and most of the roads I came across had no identification, I was cool and determined. I eventually made my way to this poor injured guy.

 Gatsby, as I called him, thanked me with a couple of swift and unexpected warning bites after he’d settled in with me in the van. As friendly as he had been, it was a bit unexpected. This morning he gave me a face wash. He’s simply a dog who expresses himself. He does need to learn that some self-expression is unwarranted and unacceptable to most humans! Gatsby is at Veterinary Associates being treated for his injured right rear foot.

Minerva and Sonnie were abandoned pups a local woman discovered. She agreed to care for them until they could eat on their own and then we’d take over. What a help this was. With as many animals to care for as we have we must have volunteers for feeding babies. The siblings were taken to Veterinary Associates for us to pick up today.

It never ends–while picking up Minerva and Sonnie we spotted another lone pup. She’d been left with VA, “Free to Good Home”. No, she wasn’t left behind. Bonnie too came with us. We wish we could help many more each day.

The pleas we handled today were from Montgomery CO, a horse who was down in the rain, Chickasaw County, for a pony, a donkey, and a mule, Calhoun CO, for a dog with no shelter, and Tallahatchie CO, another dog with no shelter. All were addressed with the aid of the law enforcement officers we know in the regions, including Arlin Pearson, ACO of Winona, MS, and Kevin Hodges, ACO, water meter reader, and officer for Charleston, MS. I think sometimes we don’t recognize that law enforcement officers, callers, and many of us are simply at a loss of what to do for animals if we haven’t made connections in the rescue world.

Happy New Year to each of you, and thank you so very much for your support for our efforts. We can only do what we do because of the help from all of you out there who care. 

We promise, with the help of our many friends, to continue to exceed the limitations of our resources to free animals who languish in their prisons of hopelessness, and to fill their lives so full of happiness that there’s no room left over for memories of misery. — Doll