A Promise Fulfilled to 89 Dogs

September 19th, 2012 by Doll Stanley


The IDA-Hope Animal Sanctuary transport team has returned from another amazing and life-saving journey to our friends at Every Creature Counts, in Colorado.

Brownie with ECC

This trip fulfilled the promise we had made to 89 puppy, juvenile, and adult dogs.  This weekend they were taken to the regional PetSmart stores by ECC to meet prospective guardians ready to share their lives and love with one of these very special companions.

We couldn’t have done it alone– Thanks to Dr. Bushby’s MSU student surgery teams, who spayed or neutered most of the travelers, to Dr. Abernethy (“Doc”) and Veterinary Associates who provided medical services for the dogs who required surgery or treatment and a host of helpful folks who aided with rescues and fostering, this monumental achievement was possible.

The wonderful Lisa and Mike Martin not only fostered 15 of the puppies and a mom, but Lisa also aided with the paperwork, and they both readied the truck for the transport.  During the journey, Lisa cared for the traveling canines while Cindy Shaw and Doll took turns behind the wheel.

Who are the dogs we promised a new and better life?


Jordan, little Jordan, nearly died before he came to us for help.  Our farrier, Raymond Watkins, found the young dog lying in distress in his barn.  He rushed inside to ask his wife, who is also his business partner, to contact us immediately.

Jordan appeared to have been sprayed with a caustic substance.  The skin on his muzzle was crusted, his tummy was nearly raw, streaked with bloody lines, and raw crusted spots marred his soft downy coat.   As we worried, Jordan lay unresponsive for days.  When at last he raised his little head, his calf-like eyes sparkled and his lips curled back into a fabulous smile.   He smiled so intensely, HAS’s Sarah and I laughed, likening him to a piranha.  Jordan was finally out of the woods and on his path to a happy life.

Ruby, Brownie, and Butterscotch were subjected to horrid starvation.  When we responded to a cruelty complaint we found them chained, emaciated and distrusting of humans.  Thankfully, their abusers were served a bitter plate of justice with a $1,000 fine each, probation and an order not to keep animals.


Butterscotch was HW+ and will be cared for here until he can make a future transport. His day will come!


Sadly, not one of the 89 precious individuals who made this journey has had a life free of betrayal and heartache.  Many, like Wilma, were abandoned because they suffered mange – Hank was surrendered for euthanasia instead of treatment.

Helpless puppies had been abandoned on lonely rural roads, the six sister labs were left on Montgomery County’s CR 37 bridge; Carolina, her mom Eleanor, and sister Colleen were “dumped” on the road in front of our sanctuary.  We came home to find Eleanor sitting by our pasture fence, then discovered Colleen hiding in the brush.

Our 6thsense and long experience had us look into the culvert, revealing Carolina’s hiding place.  The little angel was caked with scum and cobwebs from her ordeal.  This time, they were luckier– we were there for them.

Carolina as we found her.

We want to thank everyone who has made our transports possible.  They help us, in turn, to help the Winona Animal Advocacy Group with the dogs they and City Humane Officer, Arlin Pearson, rescue.  The Bolivar County Humane Society sent three of their pups also.  We’re just so grateful for the kindness and dedication of these good people.

On another note, we fondly but sadly said “until later” to our Kelly Stokes and Sarah Thomas.

Kelly accepted a position with the Batesville hospital.  She topped her class in radiology and is pursuing her career.

Our Sarah will be a mother this winter and has moved to Alabama to join her Joey, aid our colleague Sarita in IDA’s Alabama endeavors and to pursue her studies in veterinary medicine.

We will miss them terribly, and we wish the very best of everything for them.  They are very special and wonderfully giving people. Many animals owe their happiness to them, as they do to our loyal supporters everywhere. This thank you is for them, too, and to you for caring.  We can only do what we do because of our compassionate friends out there, like you who are now reading about this mission.

If I said thank you a thousand times, it would not fully show my appreciation.

Yours for the animals,  Doll