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Freedom Run


Established in 2008, IDA’s Freedom Run is a program developed by Hope Animal Sanctuary in response to a surplus of animals needing more homes than are logistically available in the South. Rehabilitated adoptable animals, rescued from various instances of abuse, neglect or abandonment, embark on a 24-hour journey to our partner organization in Colorado, where greater numbers of guardians able to adopt them are located.

There is more homelessness, abuse and neglect of animals in America’s Deep South than in any other area of the U.S.   Animal overpopulation is rampant due in great part to pet “owners” who neglect to spay or neuter their dogs and cats.  They intentionally breed them for small scale or larger scale profits, or turn a blind eye to the inevitability they will breed when they are allowed to roam free, or when they are thoughtlessly abandoned.

IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary is one of the few animal shelters and sanctuaries in the Deep South that offers spay/neuter programs, rescue and rehabilitation services, facilitates adoptions through our successful Freedom Run program and provides permanent sanctuary for the most abused and traumatized animals, who are unable to be adopted.