IDA Helps Haiti Help Animals

February 11th, 2010 by Webmaster


IDA’s Connie Durkee sends us another update from her journey into Haiti with the ARCH team to rescue animals in this devastated area:

We are welcomed into every tent city we go to. The people are grateful for the help. We treat the animals with Ivermectin for internal parasites and skin problems (mange) and give them a Vitamin injection to give them a boost. In some cases we are giving injections of antibiotics. We also treat minor lacerations and injuries. Skin problems and very skinny dogs are the most prevalent. Every day we would treat anywhere from 10-65 animals.We show the Haitians how to apply flea powder and the gel for mange. A crowd of people always gathers every time we arrive at a location. It’s heartwarming to see their smiles and hear their ‘thank you’s’. We are glad to show them how to properly handle their animals and they are very grateful.

We are a role model for them. People literally come out of the woodwork with their pets for us to treat. Dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, goats, etc… Smiles on their faces. Amazing after what they’ve been through. The human/animal bond is unbreakable!

One dog we treated, named Dick, had obvious neurological problems since the earthquake. He was found buried in the rubble 24 hours after the earthquake laying next to his 7 year old guardian, who had been killed. He was obviously traumatized. We gave Dick an injection of Dexamethazone for his injuries and made arrangements to return in a few days to repeat it. The guardians were so happy. They loved their little friend and we were glad we could help.

One day we went to the Bolivian UN station to treat dogs that were living on their base. They were dogs that lived on the base when they arrived and had befriended them. They requested spay/neuter assistance with of the dogs and we told them that we hoped to offer that option soon. They were grateful for our help.

During my time on the ground in Haiti, a young boy named Joseph befriended us and came to our camp every day. His family lived on the street and they didn’t even have a tent. We would feed him and give him anything we could that would help him and his family. He would clean our camp and joke around with us. He did a great Michael Jackson impersonation.

IDA's Connie Durkee and her new friend sharing a meal in Haiti.

IDA's Connie Durkee and her new friend sharing a meal in Haiti.