IDA’s Haitian Efforts Begin.

January 20th, 2010 by Webmaster

Dogs in Haiti -  Photo Credit : WSPA

Dogs in Haiti - Photo Credit : WSPA

It is hard to believe it has been a little over a week since a massive earthquake devastated Haiti. News photos and reports come in everyday showing the heartbreaking reality of what the people and animals of this nation – that was already struggling with poverty – face. Since then IDA’s staff has been working non-stop to access the situation on the ground  and what we can do to help.

We began by joining a coalition of animal protection groups, called the Animal Relief Coalition of Haiti (ARCH) and have already committed funds to help pay for a mobile veterinary clinic. ARCH is coordinating with a Dominican Republic based animal protection group named Sociedad Dominicana para la Prevención de Crueldad a los Animales (SODOPRECA) to get an animal disaster relief team of veterinarians and animal disaster responders, food and supplies, into Haiti. This Coalition team is already on the ground in the Dominican Republic preparing and stocking the animal emergency response clinic. Although numerous supplies are still needed for the mobile clinic – food, water, medicine, syringes, bandages, and more. ARCH is currently organizing logistics through veterinary contacts in Haiti. One of the greatest problems our coalition faces is finding fuel for our vehicles. Although rumors that some are charging as much as $100 for a gallon of fuel are proving untrue – there is just not enough fuel to be found and there are fears that there are those who will see an opportunity to profit from other’s misfortune once fuel does become more available. Finding clean water is also a concern and so our rescue team must provide their own water purification system. These are just some of the concerns we already face.
The situation on the ground is constantly changing, but as soon as human relief efforts have stabilized and security is in place, we will be able to get more updates  and inform you of additional ways you can help IDA help the people and animals of Haiti.

It is through the generosity and compassion of our supporters we are able to help these animals who would otherwise be forgotten in this tragedy. Please donate today to help our efforts  and take a minute to forward this to your friends and families. Please help us help them.