IDA INDIA is a nonprofit grassroots-level animal protection organization, dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all non–human living creatures.

In Defense of Animals, India was born on 31st October 1996. Immediately the project of neutering of street dogs was taken up. A small beginning was made in March 1997 in two garages of a residential colony in a suburb of Mumbai. For three years IDA INDIA worked in small make shift camps. With the intervention of the Mumbai High Court, the Corporation handed over the premises at Deonar to IDA INDIA on 22nd December 1999.

It aims at:

  • Providing shelters, dispensaries, ambulances, etc., for alleviating the suffering of animals.
  • Lobbying for amendments to existing animal protection laws in India, to make them effective.
  • Rescue of abused animals.
  • Campaigning to secure legal recognition for animal rights nationally and internationally.
  • Promoting vegetarianism.
  • Promoting animal birth control programs and discouraging the brutal extermination of stray animals.
  • Creating awareness among the public, in order to start a mass movement against:

Use of animals in laboratories for experimentation.
Vivisection in schools & colleges
Harsh training regimes in circuses and films
Manhandling of slaughter animals and poultry chicken
Cruelty to cows, bullocks, horses, donkeys,
Breeding for commercial exploitation.