The Most Innocent Victims

April 24th, 2014 by IDA India


One type of rescue IDA India makes very often is of the small Spitz/Pomeranian dogs who are frequently abandoned and always in trouble on the roads of Mumbai. As these dogs are a popular breed and quite cheap to buy in India, many people actually do buy them. Many times after purchase, the dogs are neglected and allowed to wander and get lost or simply thrown away. These dogs are small and weak, vulnerable to attack by other street dogs, and generally quite helpless when it comes to looking after themselves.

Our last rescue of one of these dogs was a tiny female who had a maggot-infested wound and a fractured leg. She also turned out to be pregnant. It’s unsettling to imagine the hardships she went through on the streets.
However, in our care she has thrived. Too far along to abort the pregnancy, she gave birth to two pups at our facility, but only one survived. The surviving pup is tiny but quite healthy and absolutely irresistible. We named him Snowflake.

As soon as he was big enough to be adopted, we began the process of locating a safe and loving home for both Snowflake and his mom. We are very persistent in our efforts to find good homes for all our rescues and we were quite optimistic that both these lovely dogs would find a safe haven very soon. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect situation when our shelter employee, Amrut Salunkhe, fell in love with them.

Salunkhe has since taken Snowflake home and is treating this little bundle with every care in the world. Snowflake’s mom is likely to be adopted by another employee, Ashok Karande, who comes from an animal loving family. We’re hopeful and optimistic that this adoption will work out as well.

So, what started off as a traumatic experience for one little dog, is now turning into a fairytale story with a happy ending for two!