International March for Elephants, October 4th

September 27th, 2013 by Nicole Meyer


Help End Poaching: International March for Elephants, October 4th

Please join IDA and supporters worldwide to speak out against the ivory trade on Friday, October 4th by participating in one of more than a dozen marches being organized in cities including Bangkok, London, New York City, and Toronto to share the united message: Say NO to Ivory and End Wildlife Crime.

Organized through the iWorry campaign created by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the marches will call much-needed and widespread attention to the ongoing slaughter of African elephants, fueled by a growing demand for ivory.

The number of African elephants killed for their tusks is at a record high, pushing elephants in some areas to near extinction. It’s been reported in the last few days that poachers recently killed nearly 90 elephants in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park by poisoning water holes with cyanide. In 2012, it’s estimated that poachers slaughtered more than 30,000 elephants. At that rate, one elephant was killed for ivory every 15 minutes. Eyewitnesses report seeing entire herds of elephants gunned down, including mothers who desperately tried to shield their babies. And for what? Trinkets such as religious artifacts, jewelry, chess pieces, and hair ornaments.

Click here to learn more about which cities are involved in the International March for Elephants and how you can say NO to ivory.

An anti-poaching crusader from Kenya, Jim Nyamu, is incorporating the marches into his personal mission to raise awareness about poaching by walking 570 miles from Boston to Washington, D.C. Jim began his epic walk on September 4th and will end it in on October 4th to coincide with the International March for Elephants in D.C. Along the way, Jim is striving to educate people about ending elephant poaching through local community involvement, education, and financial support. You can follow his progress here.