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Laurenís Story
: An American Dog in Paris
By Kay Pfaltz

Dogs Never Lie About Love:
Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs
By Jeffrey Mason

The Boundless Circle: Caring for Creatures and Creation
by Michael W. Fox

The Compassion of Animals:
True Stories of Animal Courage and Kindness
by Kristin Von Kreisler, Jeffrey Masson

paperback edition

Animal Angels:
Amazing Acts of Love and Compassion
by Stephanie Laland

Pet Loss:
A Spiritual Guide
by Julia Harris

Souls of Animals

by Gary Kowalski, Art Wolfe (photographer)

Voices From the Heart:
In Celebration of America's Volunteers
by Brian O'Connell paperback edition

The Story of My Life by Shayna As Told to Greta
With Comments by Murphy, J.J and Greta
Written by Greta Marsh

All For Animals:
Tips and Inspiration for Living a More Compassionate Life 
by Karen Lee Stevens

The Man Who Talks To Dogs
by Melinda Roth

Eternal Treblinka:
Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson, Ph.D

The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy 
by Matthew Scully

Chain Thinking
by Elliott Light

Biting The Moon
by Martha Grimes

paperback edition