Help Get IDA's PSAs Aired in Your Community!


Thanks for your interest in airing IDA's PSAs!

Our PSAs have aired on stations all over the country, including CNN and ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox stations in major U.S. markets such as New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Phoenix, Kansas City, and more, thanks to dedicated volunteers and TV stations who recognize the importance of animal issues. By getting the PSAs aired in more communities, we can educate thousands more people about what they can do to help animals. We have been able to get the PSAs aired on so many stations because of the hard work of people like yourself who have volunteered to contact stations in their communities. Here's how to help:

First, contact the stations you’d like to air the PSA. You can find their contact information in your local telephone book. Ask to speak to the person in charge of handling public service announcements. Chat with them, if possible, to find out if the station is airing PSAs at that time and if they might be interested in the topic of ours. Ask them to view the PSA at or, alternatively, contact us at 415-388-9641 x216 or so we can send them a VHS copy. We'll need the address of the station and the name of the person whose attention the package should be put to. To save resources and time, we prefer stations to view the PSA online but are happy to accomodate stations if, for whatever reason, that is not possible.

Some stations may request a BETA copy of the PSA. If they do, let them know that a BETA copy is available, but that we’d like them to view the PSA online or on VHS first. If they'd like to air the spot, we would be happy to send them a BETA copy. (BETA copies are quite a bit more expensive, so, as a nonprofit, we prefer to only send them out to stations that have viewed and agreed to air it.)

A week or so after you’ve emailed them the link or we've sent them the PSA, it is crucial for you to follow up to see that the person received your email or our package and to find out whether they’d like to air it. If they say yes, wonderful! If they say they would like to air the PSA but would like a BETA copy, also wonderful! Let us know and we’d be happy to send one to them directly. If they say no, don’t be discouraged. If they have a VHS copy, ask if they wouldn’t mind sending the tape back to you or us so that we can approach another station about it.

Please let us know of any stations you contact, regardless of their response, so we know not to approach these stations again.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or if there is anything else IDA might be able to do to help you in your efforts help animals. E-mail us at or call (415) 388-9641 ext. 216.

Thank you for your interest in our PSA and for all your efforts on behalf of animals.


"I just wanted to let you know that I saw one of your ads on TV last night and was just about brought to tears. It was on a digital TV station (I don't remember which) and it was regarding adopting an animal instead of buying. It was right on the money--their only crime is not being loved. Thank you so much for doing this."
Linda Maslin, Blue Bell, PA

"I just saw the adoption ad. It is so moving I'm in tears. And I've seen it before. What a masterpiece. Humans aren't the only species on earth....We just act like it!"
- L.P., Minnesota

"I just viewed your 'Adopt' advertisement on CNN Headline News, and was moved to visit your website. Allow me to congratulate IDA on a powerful, moving piece. My wife and I were struck by it."
- S.Y., Chicago

"It is incredibly powerful and it works! I hope more people will pay attention."
- C.D., Los Angeles

"When I saw the commercial, it brought tears to my eyes. Some people don't understand about adopting dogs and what happens if they do not get adopted. I would love to see that commercial on more stations to make everyone aware."
- Angel

"I saw your commercial on CNN several times. It always grabs my soul. My family and I always adopt our wonderful dogs from the humane society and we always encourage everyone to save a life. I love your commercial because it is exactly correct about saving lives. Please keep up the great work."

"I just saw your commercial imploring people to adopt rather than purchase their next pet, and it was AWESOME. All my babies were abandoned in some way or another and I love them with all my heart. I take responsibility for their comfort and well-being very seriously and try to educate those around me of my reasons. But I could never capture the attention that I think this ad will and for that I am grateful to you. Thank you!"