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Called into question in a March 29, 2012 scientific expose the reliability of highly-prestigious, highly-cited preclinical research


Unreliable Research

The researcher glut and scientific misbehaviors were exemplified in a devastating article published in the prestigious journal Nature on March 29, 2012. In it, researchers revealed that landmark, highly cited published studies on basic cancer research many preclinical were unreliable. Of 53 such studies identified, an astonishing 47 89 percent could not be replicated. The article also cited a 2011 study by scientists at Bayer titled "Believe It Or Not" which found that of 47 cancer studies reviewed, less than one-quarter could be replicated. This grave problem is not limited to cancer experiments. One researcher told a National Academy of Sciences panel on March 27, 2012 that the fierce competition in academic institutions can result in poor science, even fraud, because too many researchers are competing for funds.


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It is the policy of In Defense of Animals to no longer use language that accepts the current concept of animals as property, commodities and/or things. Rather than refer to ourselves or others as "owners" of animals we share our lives with, we now refer to ourselves and others as "guardians" of our animal friends and to animals as "he" or "she" rather than "it."

"Animals have been regarded as property for way too long. It's high time we took on a more loving and responsible relationship with our kindred beings in the web of life on this beautiful planet. I always think and act as a guardian towards my kindred beings, never as their owner."

Jim Mason, author, An Unnatural Order
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