Remembering Wilson

October 19th, 2009 by Doll Stanley


Wilson prior to be rescued.

Wilson prior to being rescued.

This past Friday morning Doll called me in tears, Wilson had died. He was one of the dogs Doll rescued from squalor and misery in Carroll County, Mississippi. Doll would later file charges and win custody of Wilson and 11 other dogs. Wilson was Doll’s favorite—she had come upon the black and tan hound when first arriving on the property and his sweetness and soulfulness and marvelous temperament immediately drew her to him.

CC Rd129 BT p4 young dog

Take me with you.

Wilson was chained to a stake, which allowed him only very little movement in any direction. His water was infested with mosquito larvae and his food was a sloppy mess, which consisted mostly of day-old bread. He was emaciated and laden with parasites, for which he was treated at Project Hope. He was closely monitored for weight gain, but he struggled to put on any weight at all. Last Wednesday when he started to appear sluggish he was admitted to Veterinary Associates in Grenada and placed on medication for what the vets believed were ulcers. On Friday morning he died quietly and peacefully at the hospital.

No animal ever comes into your life without making an impact – some make larger impacts than others and Wilson has left an awfully big void. We’ll miss you, buddy.