Sadie The Precious Pig

March 9th, 2012 by Doll Stanley


Sad news from Doll at IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary: We got our little Sadie last Thursday. She had been found wandering. She was 4 – 5 months old and seemed to be the picture of health. Of course we’d fallen in love with her. 

Evening before last she fell into seizure and was rushed to Doc. She was given medication, her temperature returned to normal, but she continued to have seizures through the night even with the medication. Sarah stayed up with her most of the night. Sadly, yesterday morning she showed signs that her brain had been affected and then fell back into seizure and she was lost. Bless her precious little heart. She was so sweet, adorable. We looked forward to caring for her for many years. There’s no predicting what will befall us, only that such tragedies are very hard to accept and live with.
Sadie’s grave. Kelly is lying by her grave and Alice is looking on. Kelly stayed by the grave for awhile.