Animals Suffer in Circuses Leaflet – Set of 1000


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Want to protest the circus when you like, and without having to officially organize a series of demonstrations? Get our circus leafleting box which has 1000 of our full color leaflets enclosed and be ready to help elephants and other animals the next time the circus comes to town.

We offer this to you at our cost of $50 (5 cents printing per leaflet), and $12 total postage for a Priority Flat Rate Medium size box. You can’t beat that at Kinko’s. One side is in English and the other in Spanish. They’re printed on 30% post consumer recycled paper because we care about the environment as well as the animals who live in it.

Animals in circuses endure a lifetime of misery for the sake of entertainment. Please don’t let animal abusing profiteers get away with animal exploitation and abuse. Share these leaflets with circus patrons and do your part to educate the public and help build momentum towards a future where circuses are all animal free.

If you’re worried this is too many leaflets, or you’d prefer to start off with smaller plans, please see our pack of 300 leaflets for $15 plus $5 postage, also at our cost. If you’d just like a few, please see our downloadable version, and print those out locally.