Speaking Up For Animals On Earth Day

April 30th, 2013 by Christy Griffin


In honor of Earth Day, IDA supporters across the U.S. and internationally helped spread the word about animal agriculture’s harmful effects on the environment. Activists handed out leaflets, set up educational table displays at Earth Day events, and organized demonstrations to increase awareness about the negative environmental impact of animal products factory farming. 

A plant-based diet uses far fewer resources (water, land, petroleum, etc.) than a meat-based diet. Animal agriculture is responsible for over half of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Factory farms also pollute the air, land, and water in our communities, endangering people and destroying habitats for wildlife.

IDA wants to thank everyone who participated in our Earth Day actions this year to show how great the vegan lifestyle can be for the environment, for our health, and for animals! Please take a moment to enjoy this video put together by our IDA activist friends in Canada. They took to the streets to spread the message that animals are earthlings too!