Fishing For Compassion

by Lisa Levinson

  For thirty-two years, Gloucester County, New Jersey has sponsored a kids’ fishing contest, which encourages and rewards children for harming animals for fun. ”We are proud to continue this tradition,” said Freeholder Frank J. DiMarco, liaison to the County’s Department of Parks and Recreation, to, “We encourage our young residents to come out and […]


Can Our Choices Make a Difference?

by Lisa Levinson

  Does your decision to eat a meal without animal products affect the animal agriculture industry? How can we be the most effective activists for animals? Farm Sanctuary’s Director of Engagement and Outreach Matt Ball explores the studies and statistics that guide effective activism in our next Sustainable Activism Webinar. A globally recognized authority on […]


Australia says NO to National Ag-gag!

by Nadia Schilling

  Australia says NO to National Ag-gag! Attempts to change Australia’s NATIONAL Criminal Code to punish activists who expose animal cruelty, rather than the mega-animal industries responsible for the cruelty itself, has just lapsed in dissolution – i.e. it’s dead! We are incredibly grateful to YOU. Thousands of In Defense of Animals supporters flooded Australia’s […]

Zimbabwe Jornalists Alert-blog

Justice for Zimbabwe Journalist Activists

by Lisa Levinson

  Show Your Support for Fellow Activist Reporters The government of Zimbabwe is charging three reporters from the newspaper, The Sunday Mail, with slander for reporting the horrific fatal cyanide poisonings of more than sixty elephants. In their reports, the journalists pointed the finger at a police officer and other officials as the ones responsible […]


Helping our Activist Community

by Lisa Levinson

  Do you want to persuade people to change their perceptions and their actions to create positive change in the world? Join us for a Sustainable Activism Webinar with vegan activist and marketing specialist Lorrin Maughan on Winning Friends and Influencing People – Strategies for Effective Activism on Thursday, March 3, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. […]


Send a Love Letter to an Animal Activist

by Lisa Levinson

  Share the activist love with a fellow activist for Valentine’s Day Let’s share the activist love with organizations and individuals this Valentine’s Day, and with one activist in particular, right here! Animal activist, Kelly Lehman, was arrested for trying to stop fair-goers from abusing animals at the Ephrata Pig Chase. “It was one of […]


Nurture Your Inner Activist!

by Lisa Levinson

  During our first ever Activist Appreciation Month, we are announcing two special events to nurture your animal activist soul. We are excited to announce that we will be holding a Vegan Spirituality Retreat in beautiful Florida! If you can’t join us in Florida, we invite you to connect with us online at our free […]


February is Activist Appreciation Month

by Lisa Levinson

  Share your appreciation of animal activists this Valentine’s Day and all month long. In honor of Activist Appreciation Month, we’re rolling out special initiatives all month long to support grassroots activists. We will also announce partnerships with other animal activist groups to promote self-care and build a strong, resilient community of animal advocates. Start […]


Activists March on Hollywood Blvd. & Around the World

by Lisa Levinson

Activists in seventy cities in thirty countries marched in solidarity last weekend to stand for abused and exploited animals, while distributing vegan literature. The Respect Life Campaign was initiated by the 269 Movement to unite all animal rights organizations everywhere. Over a hundred Los Angeles activists marched on Hollywood Blvd. and chanted to end animal […]


Farewell to an Animal Rights Legend

by Anita Carswell

The world’s animals and animal rights activists lost one of their most incredibly tenacious and dedicated defenders last week. David Hayden was known and loved by many. He was one of those rare individuals who didn’t have many detractors. He was universally respected and considered an oasis of stability and strength in an often violent […]