39 Days of rescue – Moabi

by Bob Price

I’m Moabi! When I was less than two years, old poachers ruthlessly murdered my mother right before my eyes!  I was just a baby, but was struck in the head with a machete, most likely the very same one that was used to butcher my mother,  fracturing my skull just above my left eye. I […]


Behind the Scenes – Critical Construction and a Dedicated Crew

by Karin Cereghino

  With the generous support of In Defense of Animals-Africa’s friends, the construction team at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue has been very busy since June! Pieter van Heeren, a talented Dutch engineer, is generously donating his invaluable time to assist the sanctuary’s skilled resident team. He has been working closely with Timothy Wirba, whose vital leadership […]


Baati Thrives After Life in a Box

by Karin Cereghino

  At eleven years old, Baati is a chimpanzee adolescent. He lives at In Defense of Animals-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Rescue with Amigo (left) and four other chimpanzees. Who are the others in his group? Amigo, an adult male, is the leader of the small group. There are two females in the group, Coffee and Jimi, and […]


Once Part of a Dealer Bust, Kanoa Now Living Happily

by Karin Cereghino

  In June 2012, almost two-year-old Kanoa was confiscated in Cameroon’s West Province during the arrest of a dealer who was attempting to sell him to undercover agents. Ofir Drori’s Last Great Ape Organization provided logistical assistance to the government for the undercover operation, and later delivered sad, suffering little Kanoa to In Defense of […]


Victim of Poaching Finds Sanctuary

by Karin Cereghino

  In May 2004, authorities in the country of Angola confiscated two-year-old Massamba from a poacher, and then employees of the United Nations assisted in his transport to In Defense of Animals – Africa’s sanctuary, Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, in Cameroon. Today, at Sanaga-Yong, Massamba is a beautiful young adult who lives within a social group […]


Moabi’s Severe Head Injury is a Distant Memory

by Karin Cereghino

  In March of 2000, Moabi was less than two years old and he was suffering from extensive head injuries when employees of a logging company brought him to In Defense of Animals – Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue. The poacher who had killed his mother had accidentally injured little Moabi in the process. Since he […]


SAVED! Ronaldo the Pig is NOT a Wedding Feast!

by Karin Cereghino

  The little pig was on his way to a wedding feast in the West Region of Cameroon, Africa, kept alive only so his meat wouldn’t spoil in the hot equatorial sun. Carried upside down with his front and back legs tied together around a sturdy wooden pole, he had already endured several hours, and […]


IDA Slams Plans to Ship 100 Wild African Elephants to Chinese Zoos

by Fleur Dawes

IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS SLAMS PLANS TO SHIP 100 WILD AFRICAN ELEPHANTS TO CHINA Contact: Toni Frohoff, Ph.D.,, 805-836-0496 San Rafael, California (September 29, 2016) – In Defense of Animals has blasted Zimbabwe’s plans to sell live baby elephants to China, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The national parks authority has already captured 40 […]


Mado Gives Jacky a Grooming!

by Karin Cereghino

  Here’s a lovely video of sweet elder Jacky being groomed by adult female Mado as they relax after a snack near their satellite cage before going back into the forest. Jacky, over 50 years old now, was among the first 3 chimpanzees rescued by In Defense of Animals – Africa and brought to Sanaga-Yong […]