Meet Xeko!

by Sheri Speede

  Tiny Xeko was only six months old and barely walking in May 2007 when he was rescued by In Defense of Animals – Africa and brought to Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon’s Mbargue Forest. Poachers who stole the nursing infant out of the forest had slaughtered his mother and probably other family members. […]

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Meet Carla and Nyanga

by IDA Africa

  Meet Carla and Nyanga On a beautiful clear day in the forests of IDA-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, juvenile orphans Carla and Nyanga enjoy climbing and exploring in the trees. Below their human caregivers wait and watch, ever ready with fruit and water when the girls are ready for a rest. It was in […]


IDA Africa Gala Highlights

by Karin Cereghino

  Saturday, September 12th was a lovely evening filled with friends, fun, compassion and dedication! Hosted at the exclusive University Club in downtown Portland, Oregon, friends and family of the chimpanzees of Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center came together to celebrate the sanctuary and help to ensure the future of IDA-Africa’s special residents as well as the […]

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Meet Bouboule!

by Sheri Speede

  Eighteen-year-old Bouboule, like all the other chimpanzees at Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center in Cameroon’s Mbargue Forest, was orphaned as an infant by poachers who killed his family to supply the illegal, but thriving, commercial bushmeat trade. He has lived at Sanaga-Yong Center since 2000 when IDA-Africa found him tied by his waist behind a village […]

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Introducing IDA Africa’s New Management

by Karin Cereghino

  We are Delighted to Introduce Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center’s New Management Team! This summer, IDA-Africa welcomed our new sanctuary management team! Raymond Tchimisso served as personnel manager of Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center for 11 years before being promoted to sanctuary manager last month. Since coming to Sanaga-Yong in 2004, he has been involved in all […]

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Education Initiative Launched in Africa

by Karin Cereghino

  This spring, IDA-Africa launched an innovative education initiative to incorporate a new children’s book in the curriculum of Central Cameroon schools. The goal is to instill in the next generation of forest stewards an appreciation of chimpanzees as kindred beings who deserve respect and protection. Through expanded education programs, IDA-Africa aims to increase awareness […]

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IDA-Africa Protects the Forest

by Karin Cereghino

  Sustainable Agriculture Project Launched The beautiful Mbargue Forest in Cameroon, Africa is home to groups of free-living chimpanzees as well as IDA-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center. To help protect the forest by decreasing encroachment, IDA-Africa has launched a new sustainable agriculture project in the surrounding villages. The goals of the project are to improve […]

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New York Blood Center Abandons Chimpanzees

by Jessica Beaudry

  IDA Africa’s Primate Rescue Center Provides Hands On Expertise The New York Blood Center (NYBC) has abruptly ceased its monthly funding for the daily care needs of a group of retired lab chimpanzees used by the organization for Hepatitis research. The 66 chimpanzees living in Liberia, Africa face dehydration and starvation without this necessary […]


Meet Kanoa!

by Karin Cereghino

  Little Kanoa was two years old when he was confiscated during the arrest of a dealer. The baby suffered from a badly infected compound fracture of the bones in his lower leg, among other wounds. After two months of care and healing at IDA-Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, he was overjoyed to be integrated […]


Meet Kimbang

by Karin Cereghino

  Rescued From Darkness & Desperation On December 27 of last year, a sad, malnourished, anemic little chimpanzee arrived at IDA Africa’s Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center in a filthy wooden box. She was brought to the sanctuary by Cameroon authorities who had rescued her the day before when some men, after seeing the police, had dropped […]