Could BP’s “Cure” be Killing Any Hope of a Gulf Coast Comeback?

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It’s been over a month since President Obama and the EPA gave BP 24 hours to stop dumping the toxic oil dispersant Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico. The decision was first reported in the Washington Post immediately after Congress heard testimony from BP’s own executives and scientists confirming our worst fears. Not only is this highly […]

IDA’s Renewed Vision – Tear Down The Cages!

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Throughout my 20 years in the animal protection field I have admired the work of In Defense of Animals, and I’m truly honored to accept the position of President of this esteemed organization. I feel very fortunate to have inherited a solid foundation created by Dr. Elliot Katz, and look forward to building on this […]

Bringing Hope for animals in Haiti: six weeks after the quake . . .

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Nearly six weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, IDA continues our work to help animals in Haiti. IDA supports the animal disaster relief efforts though a coalition of NGOs. ARCH, as the coalition is called, has assembled a team of veterinarians, vet techs and animal disaster relief responders, and is engaging with the Haitian veterinary community […]

IDA Staffer Sends Update From Haiti

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Since the catastrophic earthquake devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010 affecting its 2 million inhabitants and over 4 million animals, IDA has been working non-stop to access the situation on the ground, assess the needs for animals and what we can do to help. IDA along with other representatives of the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti […]