Ringling Ends Use of Elephants in Its Circuses

by Caroline Saxon

  Must a New Show Go On? Ringling Bros. announced that its performing elephants will “retire” this May to a “conservation” center 18 months earlier than planned. In its announcement, Ringling Bros., and its parent company, Feld Entertainment, are parading around the buzzwords “conservation” and “retirement” like a new trick-pony. Of course we are greatly […]


Elephants Unchained from Circuses in India

by Caroline Saxon

  Mia and Sita are two 50 year old female elephants who have spent most of their lives abused and in chains as part of an Indian circus in Tiruvannamalai. But, after a 1300 mile trek in an “elephant ambulance” across the country to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, their lives of chains and […]

In Defense of Animals

Victory – West Hollywood,CA, Bans Wild/Exotic Animal Displays

by Webmaster

On Monday night, Sept. 16, with IDA in attendance and addressing their Mayor and City Council, West Hollywood, CA proved once again that there is room for compassion in politics. The Council voted unanimously to ban the commercial display and performances of wild and exotic animals. This important ordinance was initiated by council members Jeffrey […]