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Don’t Just Be a Star… Be a Sanctuary Superstar!

by Bob Price

Don’t Just Be a Star… Be a Sanctuary Superstar! “How can I help?” is a question we get asked a lot, and the answer has never been as easy or as fun to answer as right now. We have been busy working behind the scenes to build Sanctuary Superstars, a brand new tool to put […]


A New Way to Help!

by Bob Price

  Now more than ever, we hear from people concerned by all the animal suffering that has become so institutionalized as part of our modern lives, and asking “what can I do to help?” Today, we have launched a whole new way for you to help animals in need, by fundraising for In Defense of […]


Is Animal Abuse Making You Angry?

by Lisa Levinson

  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with anger after reading articles and posts about animal abuse? If so, you’re not alone. How can we cultivate a world of compassion when we are filled with so much anger? Many In Defense of Animals supporters find it helpful to share their feelings about animal abuse in our […]


Join Us at Red and Green VegFest

by Lisa Levinson

Happening in Albuquerque on Saturday April 23 Join in an Earth Day weekend celebration to learn about all things vegan and the impact of cruelty-free choices on you and the planet, complete with information about climate change, animals, spirituality, food, nutrition, gardening, cooking and more! Listen to experts who are taking veganism into the future, […]


This Little Dog Survived Domestic Violence

by Ilana Bollag

  Now He’s Helping In Defense of Animals! One fateful day in October 2009, Bruce Zeman received a call from Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Center about a recently rescued dachshund. He had been beaten nearly to death by his former humans and was in urgent need of a home. Bruce and his wife Tami quickly […]


Join Us Online With Filmmaker Thomas Jackson

by Lisa Levinson

  What would it mean for animals if every spiritual leader went vegan? Filmmaker Thomas Jackson asks just that in his new documentary, “The Compassion Project,” which encourages spiritual leaders to go vegan! You can watch a sneak preview of The Compassion Project here. Join us and our guest speaker Thomas Jackson as we explore […]


Boknal Dog-Killing Days Will Be Here Soon

by Bob Price

Boknal Dog-Killing Days Will Be Here Soon Time marches inexorably forward, and the Boknal Days of South Korea are fast approaching. We are so deeply honored that so many of you have pledged your hard earned support to ensure that when that time arrives, In Defense of Animals will be there; on the ground and […]


An Amazing Education Program That Will Inspire You…

by Nadia Schilling

  An Amazing Education Program That Will Inspire You… “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s decision-makers who will shape the world in very profound ways.”- Lorena Mucke, President and Founder of the Ethical Choices Program. It is with great excitement that we announce In Defense of Animals’ new sponsor partnership with the Ethical Choices Program! This powerful […]


“It,” “Them,” “Other”

by Phyllis Levinson

  Have you ever corrected friends or family for calling animals “it?” If so, social-change life coach Phyllis Levinson’s Sustainable Activism blog, “It,” “Them,” “Other” is for you! Humans have extraordinary capabilities and potential. We explore the universe, have technology that instantaneously connects us to one another, discover cures for seemingly unsolvable diseases, and create […]


43 New Vegan Products Launching TODAY

by Nadia Schilling

  43 New Vegan Products Launching TODAY Happening Across the USA at Walmart and Target Stores! Just last week, we reported on the revolutionary formation of the Plant Based Foods Association, the first plant based brand trade association ever. Today, we have even more progressive news to share:! This Monday, March 14th, Hampton Creek, the startup […]