Stop the Second Annual Massacre of Ann Arbor Deer

by Monique Balban

  The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan has ordinances which do not allow hunting within city limits and it clearly has admitted that it does not have a deer population problem, or a deer/vehicle accident problem, yet it intends to brutally butcher 100 innocent deer anyway. In fact, it has never even had an aerial […]


Say NO to GPS Hound Tracking

by Tiphani Davis

  Hound hunting of deer and other animals has always been controversial for its inhumane practices, and yet, it is a current practice of many deer hunters. Often, instinct takes over and hounds are lost from their humans and in some instances are never found. An amendment to the Mammal Hunting Code of Regulation 265 […]


Activists Uncover Horrifying Deer Killings in British Columbia

by Ryan Murphy

Take Action to End the Killing Since the beginning of December, 2015 a deer killing plan has been underway in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada under the not-so-watchful-eye of the City of Cranbrook and the British Columbia Government. Now, new footage has been released by our friends and fellow animal activists at the British Columbia Deer […]


Stop Deer Killing Plan in Ann Arbor, Michigan

by Monique Balban

  The City of Ann Arbor is planning to use the ineffective and cruel method of blasting 100 deer with gunshot in public parks, less than 450 feet from residents’ homes, to fatally control the deer population. The City chose to approve this biased recommendation from its primary “consultant” which is the Washtenaw Citizens for […]


No More Annual Deer Massacres

by Anja Heister

  Tell Metroparks: Enough Bloodshed Already Urban Deer Hall of Shame Welcomes Scott Zody, Director of the Ohio Division of Wildlife, Brian Zimmerman, the Executive Director of Cleveland Metroparks and Dr. Terry Robison, Chief of Natural Resources of Cleveland Metroparks. 17 years of failed mass deer slaughters and over 4,000 deer killed in Metroparks, Ohio […]


No Deer Massacre By Bows and Arrows

by Anja Heister

  Urban Deer Hall of Shame Welcomes Mayor Bain of Pepper Pike, Ohio The city of Pepper Pike, Ohio is home to a population of 265 deer, who are apparently too many for Mayor Richard Bain and the city council to tolerate living among. So, beginning this spring, archers will shoot deer, including pregnant does […]


Tell Mt. Lebanon: No More Deer Killings

by Anja Heister

  It’s Time for Non-lethal Methods! Your help is needed in persuading commissioners in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania to abandon any plans to repeat a cruel and unpopular deer killing. The municipality of Mt. Lebanon, a Pittsburgh suburb, recently abandoned its plans for a large urban deer kill, 11 days short of its scheduled end date with […]