Seven Lives Saved, More to Go!

by Bob Price

  Thanks to generous donations from In Defense of Animals supporters from across the country and around the world, seven dogs have escaped the macabre deaths that awaited them in the bloody dog meat markets of South Korea. Without your support for our intervention in collaboration with dedicated Korean activists, all seven would have been […]


Jindo Update

by Bob Price

  In June of this year, seven very fortunate and grateful dogs were plucked from the literal jaws of death of the cruel Asian dog-meat trade and transported across the globe to In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary in rural Mississippi. There they received food and water, veterinary care, and most importantly, the love […]


Help the Slaughterhouse 5 Plus 2!

by Bob Price

  In late June, five dogs boarded an airplane in South Korea, and headed to their safety in the United States. Barbara, Billy, Paul, Valencia, and Kurt were met at the Atlanta airport by In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary staff and driven the five hours to our sanctuary in Mississippi. A month later, […]


Horrific Suspected Dog Fighting Case Prompts $2,500 Reward

by Fleur Dawes

HORRIFIC SUSPECTED DOG FIGHTING CASE PROMPTS $2,500 REWARD   Dog Found Near Death Suffering Extensive Bite Wounds Contact: Doll Stanley,, (662) 809-4483 Images: Holly Springs, MS (October 11, 2016) – In Defense of Animals, the international animal protection organization that runs the Mississippi-based Justice for Animals campaign, has announced a $2,500 reward for […]


Más de 200 animales fueron con éxito tratados en Mariato escuela de Spay Panama

by Fleur Dawes

MÁS DE 200 ANIMALES FUERON CON ÉXITO TRATADOS EN MARIATO ESCUELA DE SPAY PANAMA Imágenes: Contacto: Patty Chan, (507) 261-5542 Mariato, Panamá (4 de octubre, 2016) – Un grupo de bienestar animal patrocinado por el gobierno, Spay Panama, ha tratado a más de 200 perros y gatos locales en el distrito de Mariato, […]


Over 200 Animals Successfully Treated

by Fleur Dawes

OVER 200 ANIMALS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED IN MARIATO SCHOOL BY SPAY PANAMA   Images: Contact: Patty Chan, (507) 261-5542 Mariato, Panama (October 4, 2016) – Government-sponsored animal welfare group, Spay Panama, has treated over 200 local dogs and cats in the District of Mariato, Republic of Panama. The initiative was led by Mariato local […]


Heart-stopping Railroad Rescue from Heart of Mumbai

by IDA India

  Catching dogs from the streets of Mumbai is always a high-risk, high-stress job for IDA India staffers. Mumbai is an extremely overpopulated city, with cars crammed on the streets. Local trains run 24/7, and most stations have a train passing through every 4-5 minutes. Although the train stations are hugely crowded, they offer great […]


Dog meat rescue: Happy and Rudy arrive in U.S.

by Fleur Dawes

DOG MEAT RESCUE: HAPPY AND RUDY ARRIVE IN U.S. In Defense of Animals Welcomes Two More Dogs IMAGES: CONTACT: Sharon Stone: 662-466-0906 / 415-448-0048 San Rafael, CA (July 29, 2016) – Two dogs destined to be killed and eaten landed in the U.S. on Thursday as part of a rescue mission by […]


Dogs and Cats Killed at Yulin Festival Memorialized

by Julie Rojas

  June 30th marked the last day of the Yulin Festival where approximately 10,000 dogs and cats are tortured and slaughtered based on the  erroneous belief that the more an animal suffers, the more health benefits and “good luck” the consumer receives.   In Defense of Animals  participated in the Worldwide Vigil for 10,000 Candles for Yulin […]


Boknal Dog Meat Days are Almost Upon Us!

by Bob Price

  In just a few weeks, the annual dog eating festival of South Korea will begin and tens of thousands of dogs and cats will be tortured and killed in some of the most brutal and inhumane ways imaginable. Bok-Nal  translates literally as “Dog Days” and is a Korean holiday marking the height of the […]