Go Vegan with Ellen!

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IDA would like to thank Ellen DeGeneres for launching a new educational website called Going Vegan with Ellen. The celebrated comedian and talk show host has turned her love for animals and a healthy lifestyle into a website that shares recipes, tips on getting started, and glimpses of other celebrities that are also vegan including […]

New Veg Friendly MyPlate, Replaces the Food Pyramid

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Surgeon General unveiled a new food guide, MyPlate, that will replace the Food Pyramid that has been the standard nutrition guide since 1992. First Lady Michelle Obama, a champion of healthy eating and raising awareness about childhood obesity, spoke at the Agriculture Department in Washington DC to […]

Meatout 2011 – IDA Activists Offer Anti-War Protesters a Taste of Non-Violent Cuisine

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In Defense of Animals teamed up with Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) for this year’s MeatOut to feed 1,000 people vegan Tofurky sandwiches! On Saturday, March 19th, we had a fun vegan feed-in at the annual San Francisco peace rally calling for an end to the wars. We served yummy, vegan sandwiches, leaflet IDA vegan […]

Go Green for St. Patty’s Day and Go Veg…Meat’s not Green!

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Today we celebrate the Irish, guzzle a green beer, and wear a shamrock pin. But this year instead of just wearing green, why not go green! Animal agriculture is responsible for more than half the total human-caused greenhouse gas emissions and numerous other environmental impacts water waste and pollution, overgrazing, deforestation, loss of habitat and […]

Oprah and 378 of Her Staff Go Vegan for a Week!

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Recently, Oprah challenged her staff to join her and voluntarily go vegan for one week. Close to 400 Harpo Production employees agreed to the challenge and Oprah dedicated her show  to the results, so we had an Oprah watching party! About 75 delighted IDA and PETA employees, supporters, and other vegans packed into Harvey’s Bar […]

Recipes and Tips for a Vegan Thanksgiving

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Whether you’re calling it Thanksgiving, Thanksliving or Thanksvegan… a master chef or just an eater… you’re hitting that countdown to the Super Bowl of food related holidays! If you’re like me – you’re plotting and planning what dishes to make this year to “wow” the vegan foodies and win over the meat loving critics. Thanksgiving […]