A Guardian Angel for Choti

by IDA India

  “Choti” (meaning ‘small’ in Hindi) lives close to our In Defense of Animals India Deonar Center in Mumbai. Her closest friend in the world is a Municipal Corporation worker who is hearing disabled and rarely talks. As he sweeps the grimy streets, he keeps an eye out for his four-legged friends on the street. […]


Devoted Guardians

by Bob Price

  People all over the world are devoted to their animal companions and spare no expense when it comes to their care. As such, people of all economic backgrounds make wonderful caregivers for adoptable animals every day. Pictured here is Prince, aptly named by his adopted family. Prince’s guardians do not have much money themselves, […]

Couple with dog

The 19th Guardian City

by Webmaster

On both June 19th and July 10th, 2012, Richmond, CA made history. Richmond is the first city ever to not only change their own animal related ordinances to completely replace “owner” with “guardian” everywhere the term appears in relation to an animal companion, but to additionally recommend that the county of which they are a […]

Couple with dog

Guardian City Looks Ahead

by Webmaster

In Parma, Ohio, thousands of people and their companion animals were on hand to watch 97 floats and hundreds of policeman, firemen, city officials, organizations, and citizens wind their way through the streets of the 7th largest city in Ohio. Sirens blared, candy was thrown, and people cheered for one of the largest Independence Day […]

Couple with dog

Parma Becomes Ohio’s First Guardian City!

by Webmaster

Parma becomes the first in the state to recognize pets as part of the family and change a term on all animal-related ordinances. City Council members approved changing the phrase pet “owner” to pet “guardian” on all animal-related ordinances. Holy Name High School student Brandon Yanak pushed for the change. “As more people begin to […]