Why Should We Subsidize Foods That Make Us Sick?

by Nadia Schilling

  Researchers from Jama Internal Medicine have followed the diets of 10,308 Americans and measured the health effects of eating high-fat meat and dairy products which are heavily subsidized with our taxes. What the study found, was that those who consumed the highest amount of subsidized foods were 41 percent more likely to be overweight, […]


100 Teens Empowered

by Nadia Schilling

100 Teens Empowered Last week at Merrimac High School, former Mr. Universe, Billy Simmonds, empowered 100 teenagers to care about animals and to eat with compassion! During Billy’s presentation, he talked about the importance of critical thinking when it comes to popular food marketing, health and nutrition on a vegan diet, the environmental price of […]


Inspiring Animal Compassion with Teens

by Nadia Schilling

  Inspiring teenagers to care about animals and eat with compassion – that’s what former Mr. Universe Billy Simmonds just recently set out to achieve with an audience of 170 students at his former high school in Queensland, Australia. Billy is our Strength in Kindness ambassador, and like a passionate advocate for both animals and […]


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Farmed Animals

by Shura Hammond

    #1 Cows are loving and playful animals. Many enjoy affection and cuddling, and they sprint and jump into the air when they are excited! #2 Newborn calves are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth in the dairy industry, causing severe distress to both the mothers and calves. Cows are social animals […]


Dairy Products Linked to Cancer?

by Ingrid Taylor

Dairy Products Linked to Cancer? “Cows’ milk is good for calves – but not for us.” That’s the urgent message Dr. Jane Plant is trying to get out in an  interview with The Telegraph. Dr. Plant has been fighting breast cancer for decades. In 1993, her cancer returned for the fifth time, and she was […]


California Residents: Take Action!

by Nadia Schilling

  California Residents: Take a Powerful Action for Farmed Animals & Kids! The 10 largest Unified School Districts in California control the daily school lunches for over 1.2 MILLION children. Encouraging schools to increase their veg lunch options is a powerful form of advocacy which can prevent animal suffering, improve children’s health, and it is […]


Love Your Food!

by Nadia Schilling

Love Your Food! Food plays a big part in our cultural traditions, special occasions and events, while sharing meals with family and friends can be a pleasure. Preparing, eating, and enjoying delicious and wholesome foods can bring even deeper satisfaction. When it comes to food, we really are spoiled with the sheer abundance of choices […]


San Francisco Residents: Take Action for Farmed Animals and Kids!

by Nadia Schilling

  San Francisco Residents: Take Action for Farmed Animals & Kids! The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) ‘Future Dining Experience’ initiative decides the daily school lunches for over 53,000 children. Recently, the World Health Organization ranked processed meats alongside cigarettes with regard to their carcinogenic threat to human health. Encourage SFUSD to ditch processed […]


Vegan Diet Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

by Mark Molloy

Vegan Diet Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer  In November of last year, Yessenia Tantamango-Bartley and other scientists published a paper in the prestigious, peer-reviewed American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which demonstrated that “vegan diets showed a statistically significant protective association with prostate cancer risk.” It took a while, but popular media sources are finally starting […]


An Amazing Education Program That Will Inspire You…

by Nadia Schilling

  An Amazing Education Program That Will Inspire You… “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s decision-makers who will shape the world in very profound ways.”- Lorena Mucke, President and Founder of the Ethical Choices Program. It is with great excitement that we announce In Defense of Animals’ new sponsor partnership with the Ethical Choices Program! This powerful […]