Stop Wild Horse Wipeout in Wyoming

by Ryan Murphy

  The existence of wild horses in the US is in jeopardy. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is at it again, continuing to support the interests of ranchers, and its latest plans involve rounding up horses in Wyoming’s Checkerboard lands. The 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act requires that the BLM remove wild […]

1,794 Wild Horses Illegally Slaughtered-blog

Colorado Rancher Illegally Kills 1,794 Wild Horses

by Ryan Murphy

  Last October, a report surfaced which shows that a Colorado rancher and livestock hauler purchased 1,794 wild horses and willingly and illegally sold each of these magnificent wild animals to suffer a brutal death at slaughterhouses in Mexico. The rancher, Tom Davis, bought the horses through the Wild Horse and Burro Program, administered by […]


Update on U.S. Anti-Horse Export for Slaughter Bill

by Nadia Schilling

  Back in July, we sent out an alert urging you to tell your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives to prevent the cruel transport and slaughter of American horses by backing The Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2015 (Bill H.R. 1942) . The bill currently has 173 cosponsors (136 Democrats, 36 Republicans, 1 Independent). […]


In Defense of Animals Granted Seizure Order to Rescue Seventeen Starving Horses

by Eric Phelps

Grenada, Miss. (February 25, 2014) – In Defense of Animals (IDA), the international animal protection organization that operates Hope Animal Sanctuary in Grenada, Mississippi, has been granted permission to act as agent of the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department in the seizure of a herd of seventeen starving Yalobusha County horses. The entire herd will be […]