Eagle Roundup Postponed

by Nicole Meyer

After receiving 9,000 public comments, the BLM announced yesterday that it is postponing the roundup of nearly 500 horses living in the Eagle Herd Management area in eastern Nevada.The announcement came just three days after IDA’s attorneys notified the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that they would sue to stop the helicopter stampede and capture, which had […]

BLM Wild Horse Roundup at Calico Ends

by Nicole Meyer

The BLM announced today that it has ended the Calico roundup, with 1,922 horses captured. This is 600 fewer horses than the BLM had targeted in its capture plan, which had estimated the horse population in the five Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) at Calico to be 3,040. According to its press release, the BLM now […]

Calico Update: 477 horses captured. 3 Fatalities

by Nicole Meyer

On Thursday, January 7, the BLM killed another mare claiming “poor body condition.”  What the BLM claims is an “act of mercy” likely involved chasing this elder horse by helicopter for several miles at full gallop speed into the capture pens before determining that she was too old to withstand the transition to a captive […]


by Nicole Meyer

This just in: The BLM has postponed the roundup of 200 horses living in the Confusion Mountains in Utah, after the agency and the Obama Administration received thousands of emails from IDA supporters yesterday. Here’s the scoop, from IDA’s Director of Research, Eric Kleiman: This afternoon, I spoke with Eric Reid, the Wild Horse and […]