Protesters Greet Obama in Las Vegas

by Nicole Meyer

Yesterday and today, President Obama was greeted in Las Vegas by wild horse advocates calling for a halt to the roundups and reform of the Wild Horse & Burro program. With much hard work and determination, the wild horse advocates were able to get four up close encounters with President Obama in his motorcade. Each […]

“Guided Tours” Attempt to Replace Humane Observers in The Calico Mountains

by Webmaster

As IDA gears up for 2 Nevada demonstrations this weekend, (Las Vegas on Thursday, Carson City on Saturday), the BLM announced on February 12 that beginning February 21st, the wild horses rounded up from Nevada’s Calico Mountain complex can only be seen on guided tours of 10 people per week during a two-hour window on […]

Media Hit for the Horses!

by Nicole Meyer

Wanted to share a terrific investigative news segment on the consequences of the Calico Mountain Complex. Kudos to George Knapp,  chief investigative reporter with KLAS I-Team (Las Vegas), for asking good questions and exposing this story. (note: in the piece you may some images of a downed mare which were taken by an IDA observer […]

Eagle Roundup Postponed

by Nicole Meyer

After receiving 9,000 public comments, the BLM announced yesterday that it is postponing the roundup of nearly 500 horses living in the Eagle Herd Management area in eastern Nevada.The announcement came just three days after IDA’s attorneys notified the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that they would sue to stop the helicopter stampede and capture, which had […]

BLM Wild Horse Roundup at Calico Ends

by Nicole Meyer

The BLM announced today that it has ended the Calico roundup, with 1,922 horses captured. This is 600 fewer horses than the BLM had targeted in its capture plan, which had estimated the horse population in the five Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) at Calico to be 3,040. According to its press release, the BLM now […]