39 Days of Rescue – Blondie

by Bob Price

I’m Blondie! I was found at a feed lot in Louisiana after kill buyers bought me at auction.  People don’t understand or maybe just don’t want to know that when they take their horses to auction that the most likely scenario is that they are going to end up with a kill buyer who sends […]


39 Days of rescue – Moabi

by Bob Price

I’m Moabi! When I was less than two years, old poachers ruthlessly murdered my mother right before my eyes!  I was just a baby, but was struck in the head with a machete, most likely the very same one that was used to butcher my mother,  fracturing my skull just above my left eye. I […]


39 Days of Rescue – Rudy

by Bob Price

  I’m Rudy! I’m sad to say that there is something wrong with my heart. It’s probably because no one cared for me while I was caged with dozens of my friends and siblings while we waited for days on end without food or water. Nice people from In Defense of Animals rescued me from […]


39 Days of Rescue – Paul

by Bob Price

  I’m Paul! Hi! I’m Paul. I was just a baby when rescuers working with In Defense of Animals saved me. They took me away from the scary place that killed dogs like me for meat. My rescuers have decided to nickname me ‘Lover Boy’ because I can’t stop giving them millions of kisses. It’s […]


We Can Save Wild Horses and Burros!

by Bob Price

  Introduced in 2015 as H.R. 1942, the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2015, otherwise known as the SAFE Act, would prohibit the sale or transport of horses or other equines for the purposes of consumption. This bill, while co-sponsored by nearly 200 other lawmakers, is being blocked from a fair vote 18 months […]


End America’s Horse Slaughter Tragedy

by Bob Price

  Every single year over 150,000 wild horses and burros as well as domestic horses and donkeys are shipped over the American borders to face barbaric and horrific deaths in Mexico and Canada. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the agency tasked with protecting wild horses and burros and their grazing lands, is letting the […]


Poll Reveals Majority of South Koreans Stand Against Dog Meat

by Fleur Dawes

POLL REVEALS MAJORITY OF SOUTH KOREANS STAND AGAINST DOG MEAT Yet many are unaware of brutal killing methods  Contact: Fleur Dawes,, (+1) 415-448-0048, (+44) 751-582-1141 Images: Seoul, South Korea (November 2, 2016) – Public opposition to dog meat is stronger than ever in South Korea, according to new data revealed by animal protection […]


We Need Your Help Today to Pass the SAFE Act

by Bob Price

Forty five years ago, our nation’s legislature signed into public law the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, which states that, “…wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, harassment, and death.” But half a century later, under cover of a presidential election year, horses and burros are being plucked […]


Government Meat and Dairy Advertising

by Nadia Schilling

  Did you know the American government spends 99.6% more on subsidizing the meat and dairy industries than on subsidizing fruits and vegetables? That’s right. The U.S. Government spends $38 billion each year on meat and dairy and only $17 million on fruits and vegetables. That’s a pretty incredible disparity, don’t you think? What’s more […]


Seven Lives Saved, More to Go!

by Bob Price

  Thanks to generous donations from In Defense of Animals supporters from across the country and around the world, seven dogs have escaped the macabre deaths that awaited them in the bloody dog meat markets of South Korea. Without your support for our intervention in collaboration with dedicated Korean activists, all seven would have been […]