Can Our Choices Make a Difference?

by Lisa Levinson

  Does your decision to eat a meal without animal products affect the animal agriculture industry? How can we be the most effective activists for animals? Farm Sanctuary’s Director of Engagement and Outreach Matt Ball explores the studies and statistics that guide effective activism in our next Sustainable Activism Webinar. A globally recognized authority on […]


Are You An Animal Activist Workaholic?

by Lisa Levinson

  Sometimes we are so focused on helping animals that we neglect to care for ourselves. Over time and without self-care, we can become animal activist “workaholics.” We start to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged about our efforts to help animals. It doesn’t have to be this way – we are here to help you […]


5 Ways to Combat Compassion Fatigue

by Lisa Levinson

  Cynicism, loss of a sense of humor, isolating yourself from others, bottling up emotions, and feelings of “numbness” can all be symptoms of compassion fatigue. It can strike particularly hard at those already predisposed to being a caring-type personality. What do you do to maintain hope and reduce the risk for compassion fatigue? Physician […]


Coping With Anger at Animal Abuse

by Lisa Levinson

  We often hear from people who are filled with anger at animal abuse. If the blog below sounds like you or someone you know, please contact our dedicated Animal Activist Mentor Line at 1(800) 705-0425 or Reprinted with permission from The Vegan Independent. Like many vegans and animal activists, Lyndsay Doyle has experienced intense […]


Let’s Tackle Vegan Bullying Together!

by Lisa Levinson

  In a recent Huffington Post blog, Maria Chiorando asserts, “When You Openly Mock Veganism You Support Animal Abuse.” As Veganism becomes ever-more mainstream, poking fun at vegans has become an increasingly regular occurrence. How do you feel when family and non-veg friends mock your values and compassionate lifestyle? Share your experiences of vegan or […]