Bull Runs for His Life from New York Slaughterhouse

by Nadia Schilling

Bull Runs for His Life from New York Slaughterhouse Recently in New York, a bull named Frank Lee ran for his life in absolute terror from a slaughterhouse in Queens. Eventually, the NY police department caught up with Frank after a caller reported him racing down Liberty Avenue near 160th Street towards the campus of […]


The Dirty Secret of America’s Slaughterhouse Industry

by Ingrid Taylor

The Dirty Secret of America’s Slaughterhouse Industry Americans are inundated with the message, “Meat is a way of life” from close knit family interactions at barbeques to close-ups of sizzling burgers in fast food commercials. We have one of the highest rates of flesh consumption in the world, with the average person consuming around 200 […]


3D Virtual Slaughterhouse

by Ingrid Taylor

  Viewers Experience the Horrors of a 3D Virtual Slaughterhouse A quick internet search will bring up countless links to videos of slaughterhouses. Whether the victims are pigs, cattle, or chickens, animal rights organizations have worked tirelessly documenting and posting videos depicting the horror and fear in the final moments of an animal’s life in […]


Oatmeal the Blind Steer’s Sad Goodbye

by Ingrid Taylor

  Oatmeal the steer lived in a confusing world of darkness, with his eyes covered by inoperable cataracts so thick that he likely only saw dim shapes and shadows. No one believed he would survive, except for a thirteen year old girl named Kendyll. In spite of the skepticism of everyone around her, Kendyll cared […]


One Lucky Animal in a Sea of Slaughter

by Haritha Eachempatti

One Lucky Animal in a Sea of Slaughter Cows are intelligent and gentle mammals, and there is no doubt that they are aware of their impending doom while they are transported in and then unloaded from trucks and are made to approach the kill floor of a slaughterhouse. Animals are helpless as they witness the […]


Animal Agriculture and Slaughterhouse Workers

by Sarah Lucas

  The legalized suffering and slaughter of farmed animals is horrific. Because of this, many of us instinctively feel that the suffering of slaughterhouse workers is something they deserve given their “choice” of profession, but quite often there is not much true choice involved. Many slaughterhouse workers are immigrants escaping horrors in their home country, […]


WillPower vs. Won’tPower — Is it Really Hard to Stop Hurting Animals?

by Jack Carone

There is a tendency for some of us who wish to promote veganism—a way of living which excludes the use of animals for food, clothing and other exploitation— to cushion the call to action with a warning/acknowledgement/suggestion that it is a difficult thing to do. While this is surely the case for some people, for […]