Green Fest Expo Adds Animal Defenders Panel to the Program!

by Lisa Levinson

  In a wonderful show of solidarity, Green Fest Expo President, Dr. Corinna Basler, praised the merits of a plant-based diet and declared that all future events will include an Animal Defenders Panel in its presentation line-up! Given that Green Fest Expos are the largest and longest-running sustainability and green-living events with annual events in […]


Free Your Mind at our Vegan Spirituality Retreat!

by Lisa Levinson

  We are pleased to announce our partnership with Mantra Lounge, a group that brings yoga, meditation, and veggie meals to venues around the city, including college campuses! Reciting mantras, which are special sound vibrations found in the ancient yoga texts, can relax and revitalize the mind. The word “mantra” literally means to “free the […]


Awakening from Materialism: Vegans as Healers

by Lisa Levinson

Please take a moment to read this most recent Sustainable Activism Blog written by international speaker and one of the greatest vegan leaders of our time, Dr. Will Tuttle, “Awakening from Materialism: Vegans as Healers.” Tuttle explores his  deeper extension of veganism and encourages us to develop our inner selves, through mindfulness and inner listening, […]


Spiritual Retreat to Celebrate Animals and Veganism in Philadelphia

by Fleur Dawes

Spiritual Retreat to Celebrate Animals and Veganism in Philadelphia Internationally Acclaimed Peace Activist to Give Keynote Speech CONTACT: Lisa Levinson,, 215-620-2130 IMAGES: Philadelphia, PA – International animal protection organization, In Defense of Animals, is pleased to announce its seventh annual Vegan Spirituality Retreat in Philadelphia, featuring United Nations-recognized peace activist and musician Peter […]


Pig Chase Victory for Activists!

by Lisa Levinson

  Thanks to the heroic efforts of animal activist Kelly Lehman and your help signing our alert, the Ephrata pig chase will not celebrate its 40th year. This annual tradition of cruelty and abuse was cancelled this year, marking a major activist victory! The Fair Committee responded to pressure from animal activists who planned a […]


Join Us For a Great Time!

by Lisa Levinson

  Looking for something fun and green to do in Los Angeles this weekend? Venture to the Los Angeles Convention Center this Friday through Sunday for the Green Festival Expo with vendors, speakers, vegan/vegetarian food, sustainable fashion shows, hands-on demonstrations, educational activities, and more. Stop by our In Defense of Animals table at the event […]


Relax and Renew at a Vegan Spirituality Retreat

by Lisa Levinson

  In Defense of Animals proudly presents our 7th Annual Vegan Spirituality Retreat to explore veganism as a spiritual practice. Enjoy yoga, meditation, a guest speaker, a catered vegan lunch, a naturalist guided walk, and an animal blessing with musicians Jim Harris and Lonnie Davis. Friendly animal companions are welcome at the Retreat and Animal […]


Pennsylvania Fair Cancels Pig Terror Event

by Fleur Dawes

PENNSYLVANIA FAIR CANCELS PIG TERROR EVENT Positive Step for Animals and Local Who Campaigns to Protect Them Contact: Lisa Levinson,, 215-620-2130 Video: Ephrata, Pennsylvania (August 31, 2016) – International animal protection organization In Defense of Animals is celebrating a big step forward for animals in Pennsylvania with a local activist leading the campaign […]


Can Diet Impact Spirituality?

by Lisa Levinson

Join Us to Find Out! We are often told, “You are what you eat.” We know our diet impacts our bodies, but have you ever considered that what you eat could impact you spiritually too? Dr. Gabriel Cousens, author of “Spiritual Nutrition,” empowers people to align their diets with their spiritual practices. According to Dr. […]


Defusing Drama: A Compassionate Approach to Conflict

by Lisa Levinson

  Animal activists face their fair share of conflict, which can be a source of stress and distress when it leads to drama. Activist Lorrin Maughan coaches people to help them find their most authentic and effective paths to sustainable activism and to achieve a deeper connection with other humans and non-humans, with the help […]