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Animal Liberation in Process

by Lisa Levinson

  In IDA’s seventh Sustainable Activism Tip, life coach, speaker, author, and Helpline Counselor, Phyllis Levinson reminds us that animal activists are making progress, despite the endless nature of animal advocacy. When we feel frustrated or defeated, history can help us gain perspective on the bigger picture. Like other social justice movements, the animal rights […]


Exercise Helps Activists

by Lisa Levinson

  IDA’s sixth Sustainable Activism Tip comes from “The World Peace Diet” author Dr. Will Tuttle, who shares the importance of physical exercise as a self-care tool for activists. Exercise reinvigorates the senses and maintains our physical health, which balances the intense emotional and intellectual activity we do as animal activists. Vigorous exercise also provides […]

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“Beating Burnout” Teleseminar Replay

by Lisa Levinson

  Thanks to those who attended our Sustainable Activism Teleseminar, “Beating Burnout: Sustaining Ourselves to Sustain Our Movements,” with long-time activists Dallas Rising and Paul Gorski, who shared their insights on community care and research on activist burnout. We are grateful to Dallas and Paul for offering their expertise to help fellow activists thrive. These […]

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Balancing Your Activism

by Lisa Levinson

  IDA’s fifth Sustainable Activism Tip comes from Peace to All Beings author and co-founder of the Circle of Compassion, Judy Carman, who encourages activists to restore inner peace after witnessing animal suffering. Judy suggests laughing and connecting with happy animals as effective antidotes to our constant exposure to animal cruelty. She recommends playing with […]


Effective Animal Advocacy

by Dr. Will Tuttle

  By Dr. Will Tuttle IDA’s fourth Sustainable Activism Tip comes from The World Peace Diet author Dr. Will Tuttle, who shares the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive, like-minded people. Watch the video here. For self-care tips, emotional support, and activist resources, contact our Animal Activist Helpline: IDA also invites you to read […]


Activism to Suit Your Style

by Lisa Levinson

  IDA’s third Sustainable Activism Tip comes from our Animal Activist Helpline Counselor, Jessica Rowshandel, who encourages dedicated activists like us to find the type advocacy that best suits our personality, skills, and passions. Some activists excel at organizing demos while others prefer online activism like letter writing. Understanding our own needs helps us to […]


Turning Anger into Action

by Dr. Will Tuttle

  IDA’s second Sustainable Activism Tip comes from “The World Peace Diet” author Dr. Will Tuttle, who acknowledges the rightful rage often felt by animal activists as we realize the magnitude of animal suffering in the world. To transform rage into compassionate action, he suggests getting involved in animal activism. “Doing something” to be part […]

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Our Sustainable Activism Tips Can Help You!

by Lisa Levinson

  Struggling to get through your busy week? IDA’s Sustainable Activism experts offer helpful tips to brighten your day and provide new self-care strategies. Members of our Council of Sustainable Activism, Helpline Counselors, and other professionals now will be presenting fifteen second video tips on a regular basis. Our first Sustainable Activism Tip comes from […]


Call IDA’s Animal Activist Helpline!

by Lisa Levinson

  Do you struggle asking for help? Are you discouraged by conflicts among animal activists? Are members of your community overshadowed by dominant personalities? Do you have trouble delegating activist work or balancing activism with your family life? These are among many causes of activist burnout, which hinder our ability to help animals effectively. Professor […]