Join Us for an Activist Deep Healing

by Lisa Levinson

  Animal activists can be more effective when we are uplifted. Animal Communicator, Intuitive Coach, and Reiki Master, Tracy Lynne is joining us to offer an Activist Deep Healing to release some of the burdens we carry as activists during our next Vegan Spirituality Online Gathering on Thursday, August 11, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. […]


Animal Rights Support is Growing!

by Lisa Levinson

  For another year, In Defense of Animals was a proud sponsor of the National Animal Rights Conference. Over 1,700 animal advocates turned out in Los Angeles to learn and share how to do more for animals. Our movement is growing, which is excellent news for the animals whose very lives depend on us! Fabulous […]


Meet Monkeys and Relax with In Defense of Animals!

by Lisa Levinson

  You don’t have to die and go to heaven to visit this Garden of Eden. You can experience heaven on Earth at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary! Next April, In Defense of Animals is hosting a Vegan Spirituality Retreat at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida. This remarkable sanctuary not only fosters respect for […]


Harnessing Religion for Animals

by Lisa Levinson

  Religion has a huge impact on the way the world views animals. Judaism, for example, has many powerful teachings on social justice and encourages compassionate choices to heal the planet. With the right knowledge and approach, we can apply these values to help animals. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with renowned Jewish writer, […]


Vegan Travels

by Lisa Levinson

  Sometimes it feels challenging enough helping animals in the US. But how would things differ if we were based elsewhere in the world? What obstacles face animals and the people who help them in the Islamic culture of the United Arab Emirates and the post-Apartheid society of South Africa? We follow the travels and […]


Are You a Miracle Worker?

by Lisa Levinson

Can you change the world with the organs in your body? Rachel Augusta says so! Rachel Augusta runs The Gutsy Grackle, an energetic emergency room for all animals (humans included) where she practices Healing Touch for animals and humans alike. Rachel explains the science behind being a ‘miracle worker,’ and how to find your inner […]


First-Ever Milwaukee Veg Expo

by Lisa Levinson

Visit our Vegan Spirituality booth! Experience the joys of plant powered living at the first annual Milwaukee Veg Expo! Discover how plant-based eating positively impacts the planet, including the land, water, and other natural resources we need to survive and thrive. Learn about this lifestyle by tasting food samples, watching documentaries, listening to nutrition experts, […]


15th Annual New Living Expo

by Lisa Levinson

  Join Us in San Mateo on Friday, April 29 – Sunday, May 1 Learn about the Vegan Novel, “Sweet Healing,” with Michael Bedar on May 1 Join IDA at the Bay Area’s signature holistic living event with lectures and panels on wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality and over 180 exhibits on ecology, alternative health, the […]


Join Us Online With Filmmaker Thomas Jackson

by Lisa Levinson

  What would it mean for animals if every spiritual leader went vegan? Filmmaker Thomas Jackson asks just that in his new documentary, “The Compassion Project,” which encourages spiritual leaders to go vegan! You can watch a sneak preview of The Compassion Project here. Join us and our guest speaker Thomas Jackson as we explore […]


1st Vegan Spirituality Retreat in Florida Held!

by Lisa Levinson

  Our very first Vegan Spirituality Retreat in Florida was a beautiful day of vegan community building and support, renewing our spirits and strengthening our resolve to make the world a better place for all animals. Participants enjoyed yoga, meditation, a nature walk in Wakulla Springs State Park, a boat ride on the river to […]