Ontario Blog

Ontario Officials Rule That Veganism is a Human Right!

by Nadia Schilling

  Recently in Canada, Ontario’s Human Rights Commission ruled that veganism is a human right, legally protected from discrimination. So what does this mean? In the province of Ontario, hospitals will now have to provide vegan meals upon request, an employer would have an obligation to accommodate a vegan employee who cannot wear an animal-based […]

SA Blog

Spiritual Veganism

by Lisa Levinson

    IDA invites you to explore veganism as a spiritual practice at our 6th annual Vegan Spirituality Retreat in Philly on September 19th and to enjoy this Sustainable Activism Blog on “Spiritual Veganism” by guest blogger and Quantum Buddhist Greg Lawson. For information about the upcoming retreat, please visit us here. “To become vegetarian […]


WillPower vs. Won’tPower — Is it Really Hard to Stop Hurting Animals?

by Jack Carone

There is a tendency for some of us who wish to promote veganism—a way of living which excludes the use of animals for food, clothing and other exploitation— to cushion the call to action with a warning/acknowledgement/suggestion that it is a difficult thing to do. While this is surely the case for some people, for […]