What is Vegan Spirituality?

by Judy Carman

How can it help activists and animals? Is Spirituality a Part of Your Life? As an animal advocate, how would you react if asked, “Are you a spiritual person?” Some of you may have an immediate knee-jerk reaction against the word “spirituality,” which often brings to mind religion and churches. Most places of worship, as […]


Compassion Fatigue

by Deborah Brister

Do you know someone (perhaps yourself) who has suddenly awakened to the reality of animal exploitation and abuse in the meat, dairy, clothing, cosmetics, or entertainment industry? It is wonderful to observe these people as their internal light bulbs turn on; they vigorously work on the front lines of animal rescue, attend animal rights events, […]


The Power of Language Cannot be Underestimated

by Tera Gardner

How Nonviolent Communication Can Assist the Vegan Activist Do you long to make a difference within your community as a vegan activist? Do you struggle at times with internal habits and reactions that get in the way of inspiring others in your vision? Our words have the power to create profound healing, or incredible suffering. […]

Nancy Pelosi Embraces Animal Cruelty

by Webmaster

Veal-peddling Pelosi embraces both hypocrisy and suffering for the sake of profit San Rafael, Calif. (November 29, 2012) – In Defense of Animals (IDA) has sent a letter to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, blasting her contradictory public proclamation as a “Green” and “Sustainable Living” supporter, while allowing veal to be served at four restaurants […]


Meat Will Kill You!

by Webmaster

A major new study from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) concluded that eating just a small, three-ounce serving of red meat per day increases risk of death by 13%, and eating processed meat daily increases mortality rate by 20%. In other words, you are 20% more likely to die if you eat just […]


Conscious Eating Conference

by Webmaster

In Defense of Animals co-hosted the first annual Conscious Eating Conference at the University of California, Berkeley on February 18, 2012. Seven expert speakers from across the United States offered presentations on “sustainable”, “humane” and “local” alternatives to animal products. Participants were treated to an organic, vegan continental breakfast including tasty cinnamon buns, and delicious […]