A Quest to Save the Soul of the Ocean

by Bob Price

  For many years, In Defense of Animals has blazed a trail – identifying, exposing, and campaigning to make a better life for elephants confined and abused in circuses and zoos – and protecting them in the wild. Most recently, we helped to end the Ringling Bros Circus’ incessant transport of elephants and the cruel […]


Empty the Tanks, Global Day of Protest

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Mark your calendars – Saturday, May 7 is the next Empty the Tanks, an annual day of international protest against dolphin and whale captivity! If you are one of the growing number of people who know that all dolphins and whales deserve to be free, then we encourage you to attend your nearest event. […]


10,000 Demand Justice for Wild Horses

by Fleur Dawes

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: (415) 448 0048 10,000 Demand Justice for Colorado Wild Horses Illegally Slaughtered by Rancher – Colorado rancher sold over 1,700 wild horses for slaughter in Mexico – Government agency BLM spent $140,000 of taxpayer money to transport horses – 10,275 people so far have called on the Attorney General […]


Rally Against Rodenticides

by Lisa Levinson

  Join Us This Tuesday, April 5th in Sacramento, California Join IDA and Raptors Are The Solution (RATS) for an afternoon rally and lobbying day to oppose the use of dangerous rodenticides and support AB 2956 (Bloom) to ban the residential and commercial use of the most dangerous rat poisons that harm wildlife, pets, and kids. […]


Protect All Precious Wildlife from Torturous Deaths by Poison!

by Tiphani Davis

  When people or businesses are unwilling to co-exist with rodents, or research methods of reducing their numbers humanely, they often, carelessly use poisons in bait boxes. However, this rampant and ignorant dispersal of poisons means that almost every kind of wild animal is liable to suffer and becomes another of the unintended victims. When […]


Half of Earth for Wildlife?

by Ryan Murphy

  Several scientific studies now show that we’re in the midst of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction, which is the rapid destruction of species that evolutionary biologist E.O. Wilson has called the coming “biological holocaust.” What or who is to blame for this pending doom? This shouldn’t be a surprise – humans. So how do […]


President Obama: “We Need to Take Urgent Action” to Save Elephants

by Jacqueline Barba

  Calling for “urgent action” in the fight to save elephants, President Obama has promised that his administration “won’t let up” on efforts to prevent the extinction of this majestic species. The President stated his commitment to ending poaching and the ivory trade in an interview with HSUS last Thursday, World Wildlife Day. On the […]


No Respect for Wildlife, the Land, or the Law

by Ryan Murphy

Oregon Standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is About More Than Land Rights Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, an important 187,757 acres of diverse habitats in Oregon, is home to many varieties of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish. However, the refuge has now become a standoff ground between welfare ranchers and law enforcement. Why is […]

Wildlife Crossing Blog

Take Action: Support Wildlife Crossings

by Mark Molloy

Take Action: Support Wildlife Crossings Sign Our One Click Letter Today-Open to Worldwide Participation Urge the U.S. Department of Transportation to support a wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon in California Habitat fragmentation — the division of large, continuous habitats into smaller, isolated patches — is one of the principle threats to species across the planet. […]