Take the Meatless Monday Pledge this January

January 8th, 2014 by Christy Griffin


As many of our friends and community members already know, we at IDA promote a plant-based diet for ethical reasons: we don’t want to participate in animal suffering. A vegan diet has other benefits too, such as improved personal health and decreased environmental degradation. For example, did you know that livestock production generates more greenhouse gases than all the world’s vehicles combined?

For all these reasons, IDA encourages everyone to adopt a plant-based diet. For some, this change is easy, while others take years to transition from an omnivorous diet to one that is plant-based. It certainly helps to make the transition successfully when you have support and assistance from friends, family and local community groups.

To encourage more people to adopt a vegan diet, we at IDA invite our friends and supporters to observe Meatless Mondays this January. The origins of Meatless Monday date all the way back to World War I, and the effort was revived again in 2003. Meatless Monday has truly become a global movement, with many countries, esteemed public health institutions, celebrities and chefs joining in and advocating for the cause.

Many of you already eat a plant-based diet. Thank you! Would you like to see this movement grow? Keep in mind that the personal ask is the most powerful ask, so consider gently encouraging your friends and family to begin the transition, and join the Meatless Monday movement.

If you have not yet adopted a vegan diet, but have been thinking about doing so, joining the Meatless Monday movement is a great way to get started. We at IDA would be happy to direct you to many resources, and offer our support, to make this dietary change as easy – and fun – as possible.

You can sign our Meatless Monday Pledge here.

For more information on adopting a plant-based diet, please email Christy.


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