Two Pro-Wildlife Bills Become Law In California

October 18th, 2013 by Anja Heister


Governor Jerry Brown signed two important bills into law last Friday, October 11 – the Bobcat Protection Act (AB 1213), which sets no-trapping buffer zones around Joshua Tree National Park and other parks where bobcats are protected, and AB 711, which will phase out the use of lead in bullets for any hunting over the next five years. either of these two laws are ideal, nor mandate the much more peaceful life we wish for other species, but they do show that change for the better can happen.

Our work for all wild animals continues and we will not stop until all cruelty ends. We would like to thank our dedicated California supporters, who spoke out repeatedly over the last eight months on behalf of bobcats, and against the use of lead ammo in hunting. Your activism—whether you called or wrote to Governor Brown, attended meetings to speak up on those issues or got your friends and family involved—made a difference, and your efforts helped turn these bills into law. Together, we will continue on our path to make positive changes for wild animals in CA and elsewhere!