URGENT ALERT: Please Help the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves Now!

December 10th, 2010 by Webmaster


Wolves in Montana, Idaho, and the Greater Yellowstone National Park are in grave danger of the Baucus-Tester bill (S. 3864) passing, a legislative attempt to de-list wolves and remove their federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. According to a New York Times editorial, the bill sets “a terrible precedent, opening the door for special-interest groups to push other inconvenient species off the list.” Congress could get away with exempting these wolves without public hearings or comments before the end of the year.

State officials in Montana and Idaho are determined to circumvent a judge’s ruling, last August, in favor of restoring federal protection of wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains after they were illegally de-listed last year.  If the Baucus-Tester bill passes, hundreds, if not, more than a thousand wolves would be vulnerable to openly hostile hunters who are eager to eradicate them.  This type of mentality is consistent with what caused the near extinction of the species in the 1930s.  The Baucus-Tester bill (S.3864) will essentially doom the recovery process of the NRM gray wolf population, along with the necessary recovery of other imperiled species, such as the grizzly bear, also in need of federal support,

S. 3864 is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate in a matter of days.  PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW to help the recovery of wolves and other endangered species continue. Urge your Senators to OPPOSE the Baucus-Test bill (S. 3864).  

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