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Public Service Announcements

What Is A Public Service Announcement (PSA)?
A PSA is a short message (usually 30 seconds) that is broadcast or printed in the public interest. A PSA must be an educational message designed to focus public attention on an issue important to your local community. PSAs are non-commercial, non-denominational, and non-political.

How Does A PSA Get On The Air?

Television, radio, (and print publications) air PSA's for free. Competition for this free air time is strong though, so the most effective way to have IDA's "Veganism: The Power of Compassion" PSA broadcast is through requests by local residents.

How Can I Get IDA's Veganism: The Power of Compassion PSA Broadcast In My City?

Call your local radio and television stations to find out the name of the public service director or the person who schedules broadcasts of PSAs. Also ask about the station's requirements for PSAs. Most TV stations accept 1", 3/4" reel-to reel tapes (not VHS) and Beta tapes. If cable television is available in your area, it is likely at least one cable channel, normally called the public access channel, broadcasts information from citizens and nonprofit organizations. When you speak to a television station's PSA director and say "I live in this community, I watch your station, and I need your help promoting awareness of my responsible pet guardianship," you will have a much greater impact than a nationwide distribution plan, or even a call from an IDA staff person.

The amount of time and energy you spend on getting IDA's " IDA's Veganism: The Power of Compassion" PSA broadcast is entirely up to you. In general, a commitment for air time from one station should take less than a week, and require no more than a few hours of your time. However, every community has a number of local television outlets. Cable access channels and local affiliates for national networks all run PSAs. Since the ads are free and "in the public interest," you can approach as many stations as you have time for. Every time the PSA airs, you will be increasing awareness of the benefits of a vegan diet.

How Do I Obtain A Copy of the PSA?
Contact IDA to order a broadcast-quality Beta copy or VHS or DVD for personal use. The quality of these online clips is not indicative of that of the original. The audio and video is greatly diminished by the limitations of the Internet. For broadcast-quality copies on VHS or Beta, please contact IDA at 415-448-9641, or via e-mail at IDA@IDAUSA.org.

Letter to the Editor

Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to educate people about World GO VEGAN Week and why a vegan diet is the compassionate choice for human health, the environment, and animals. You can find the contact information on the Opinion/Editorial page of your local newspaper or by calling the Editorial Department.

Most newspapers have word limits, typically 250 words or less, and require a phone number and address for verification, although they will not print that information. You should check to make sure you comply with the newspaper's guidelines before submitting your letter. A sample letter to the editor is provided here. Also, visit IDA's Resource Center for more helpful tips.

Sample Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As World GO VEGAN Week (October 25-31) approach, I hope your readers will consider axing the meat, dairy and eggs for a day. It's never been easier than now to try veganism. Mock meats, veggie burgers, and soymilk can be found in any good grocery store and are even popping up at fast food restaurants and national coffee chains. As more and more people recognize the health benefits of a plant-based diet and the ill health effects of a meat- and dairy-based one, they realize that for the animals, for the environment, and for their own well being, veganism is the best diet.

For more information and recipes, please visit www.WorldGoVeganDays.com.


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