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In Defense of Animals, Asians for Humans, Animals and Nature and several concerned individuals recently joined forces to save the lives of Heaven and Earth, two sweet dogs from Taiwan. No less then ten people worked together to help save the lives of these two dogs.

Heaven was rescued from a cruel death by a reporter from Germany. Earth was discovered wandering around a bus stop, skinny, starving and sad. A concerned animal lover, Shu-Chin Gau, followed her and discovered she had just had a litter of 5 puppies. Shu-Chin Gau was able to get all of the animals into her car, where she cared for and eventually adopted out all of the animals except Earth. She was unable to find a home for her, and Earth was forced to live in a small cage all day long while Shu-Chin Gau was away at work. The reporter wanted to return to Germany with Heaven, but due to health problems, Heaven could not travel at that time. Shu-Chin Gau agreed to care for Heaven as well, but her husband unfortunately wouldn't let Heaven inside of the house, forcing him to live in the harsh weather outdoors.

Vicky Lynn, founder of Asians for Humans, Animals and Nature and resident of San Francisco, learned about their story and asked another rescuer, Yao-Bao, to take them into her apartment to care for them while she tried to locate people to bring them to San Francisco. Vicky contacted Huang Wen-Wen, a veternarian who was scheduled to travel to Los Angeles, and he agreed to accompany them. Once they arrived in Los Angeles, Bill Dyer, from In Defense of Animals, met them at the airport. Thanks to animal lover Darlene Zavalney' s referral, Earth already had a very nice home in Los Angeles waiting for her. Heaven went to a temporary foster home in Calabassas, CA for a week until Nicole Otoupalik, also of In Defense of Animals, was able to drive him from Los Angeles to San Francisco, where another caring individual had agreed to foster him until Vicky Lynn finds him a permanent, loving home.

In October, Taiwan's Legislature passed the long-awaited Animal Protection Bill. Thanks to the efforts of IDA, AHAN and thousands of activists who sent letters of protest and demonstrated, Taiwan's stray dogs will be protected under the law against cruelty, abandonment, exploitation in gambling, and methods of euthenasia.

Passage of the new law came just one month after the second worldwide protest targeting Taiwan's treatment of strays. The international demonstrations (in eight different countries) were spearheaded by Vicky Ho Lynn of AHAN, in cooperation with In Defense of Animals, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The Animal Protection Law does not address all humane concerns, but it is a positive first step toward diminishing the enormous problem of rampant animal cruelty and abandonment in Taiwan.

With the help of caring groups and individuals like those mentioned above, the plight of these unfortunate animals will continue to be held in the spotlight, hopefully resulting in the passage of additional animal protection laws as well as educating and enlightening the public. In the meantime, rest assured that Heaven and Earth will live out the rest of their lives in a loving home, safe, warm and secure with their new guardians!