Here are but a few of the thousands of animals IDA has rescued from cruel conditions:
Brandi was also rescued from an Amish-run puppy mill by IDA staffer, Gretchen Hersman. Gretchen witnessed the mother of the two teenage boys who operate the site try to kick her on the side of her face (which already had a huge abcess infection the size of a baseball glove). After her rescue, she was taken to a veterinary clinic where she was treated with antibiotics and kept for two weeks after which she was placed with Boxer Rescue operated by Deb Bedford in Stanwood, IA. Brandi has been spayed and she has since been adopted into in a wonderful permanent home.
Gretchen rescued Freddie on September 20, 2000 from the same Amish puppy mill from which Brandi was rescued. He was suffering from coccidia and round worms and was extremely bloated.
Jack is one of 5 puppies left at San Francisco Animal Control. He was rescued by IDA fosterer Jean Bonadio.
Bailey was used as a bowling ball by some homeless men in San Francisco. IDA fosterer Jean Bonadio convinced them to let her take him home, thus saving his life.
Diedre and Agnes were found living in a foxhole in Cedar County, Iowa. They had almost reverted to a feral state, and were rescued by IDA's Gretchen Hersman and were successfully placed into a good home.
VG (pronounced Veeg) was rescued from the Contra Costa (Calif.) Animal shelter by IDA fosterer Jean Bonadio, and immediately found a permanent, loving home.
This dog was among 180 beagles rescued by In Defense of Animals from the research labs at U.C. Davis. All have now been placed into good homes.
Another of the beagles rescued by In Defense of Animals from the research labs at U.C. Davis.
On her way to the office, IDA staff member Anita Carswell spotted a cat crouching on a concrete freeway wall. She pulled over to catch the frightened cat, only to watch in horror as she off the 75 foot high freeway. Anita eventually found her, hiding under a large metal construction pipe, and freed her with the help of a construction worker who moved the pipe for her. After some loving medical care, Tab Tab now lives happily with Anita and her family.
Saved by a kindly lab worker from a Bay Area animal laboratory where they were experimented upon, these rabbits were rescued by IDA staff and fostered in our office. After they were neutered, three of the boys found immediate homes, and the remaining three went to live with IDA staff member and House Rabbit Society fosterer Margo DeMello. Keo and Scarface (pictured here) still live with her today.
Pictured here is Tab Tab with two kittens she is currently helping IDA staff member Anita Carswell foster. Every spring and summer, animal shelters are inundated with tiny kittens, unable to survive without frequent bottle feeding. These two might have been euthanized by our local shelter because of the shortage of volunteers needed to temporarily care for them.

Please contact Anita at if you can foster other kittens in the San Francisco area or if you would like to adopt this pair.

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