Join Animal Advocates Today!

Join Animal Advocates Today!

Thank you for being an In Defense of Animals supporter – for helping us make the world a safer and more compassionate place for all animals.

Have you ever wondered how you could increase the impact of your gifts?

By joining our Monthly Giving Program, YOU will be an Animal Advocate all year long! The process is extremely simple, and you may cancel at any time; it is designed to benefit both you and the animals!

Our mission to defend animals, their advocates and the environment from abuses and exploitation could not be accomplished without your support.

Last year, our team of Animal Advocates helped us to provide aid and care to 20,000 animals – it’s absolutely AWE-INSPIRING!

Join us this year, and become an Animal Advocate to help our programs thrive and make large strides for animals!

“2018 will be a huge challenge for In Defense of Animals’ Farmed Animals campaign as we push up against multi-billion-dollar industries that are built on animal exploitation. They are powerful, but we have the truth. And we will continue to spread it in Congress, in the media, and with our forthcoming generation in school classrooms.” - Nadia Schilling, Farmed Animals Campaign Director

All of the In Defense of Animals campaigns have year-end goals that cannot be accomplished without the backbone of the organization—our lovely sustainers, our strong team of Animal Advocates.

Our Mississippi-based campaign director, Doll Stanley, voices, “The Justice for Animals Campaign is actively working with law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, state agencies, and fellow advocates and organizations to form effective and cohesive coalitions for the strengthening of state statutes, municipal and county ordinances, and for the prosecution and stiff sentencing of animal abusers, first in Mississippi and surrounding states, then perhaps on a national level.”

Join Animal Advocates today!

As an Animal Advocate you will reap many benefits:

● 25% off of all merchandise in our store
● Automatic subscription to our quarterly newsletter.
● Regular updates about the lifesaving and life-changing impact of your generosity via mail and email.
●   And, of course, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your support is being put to the most effective use to help the animals each and every day of the year.

By choosing to make a tax-deductible monthly or quarterly donation, you will be providing In Defense of Animals with a consistent stream of funds that are necessary to come to the immediate aid of animals in need, funds that go directly toward caring for the animals at Hope Animal Sanctuary, and funds that will go on to support our legislative efforts.

The In Defense of Animals staff looks forward to hearing from you soon!

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