One Donation, Countless Animals Saved!

One Donation, Countless Animals Saved!

Did you know that our Hope Animal Sanctuary has given over 450 animals a second chance at life just this year? The work accomplished each and every day by In Defense of Animals’ wonderful, dedicated staff is impressive and inspiring!

Truth be told, IDA’s team of Animal Advocates (those who have committed to a dedicated and automated monthly pledge) are truly the driving force and the backbone of this organization, making all our work for animals possible!

Our monthly giving program is designed to provide maximum benefit to those who need it most - the animals.

We have a spot on our team just for you! 

As a dedicated and faithful In Defense of Animals member, you will always be informed of the fantastic work we accomplish for animals thanks to your generosity and compassion... 

At the close of each quarter as an Animal Advocate, you will receive our GUARDIANS newsletter providing the insider scoop with up-to-the-moment information about In Defense of Animals’ victories, groundbreaking projects, and the bright future you’re making possible.

Our Animal Advocates team is over 1,500 members strong. These kind and generous people like you support ALL of our campaigns on a monthly basis with just one, simple, and automatic donation. Animal Advocate Timothy Voeltz, enthuses, “I enjoy being an animal advocate for all animals!”

Become an Official Animal Advocate today! 

Our mission to defend animals, their advocates, and the environment from abuses and exploitation could not be accomplished without your support. 

Doll Stanley heads up our Justice for Animals Campaign and works tirelessly in the courtroom defending animals against their abusers and on the scene of animal abuse cases. For example, Doll was recently contacted by a local car wash owner who witnessed a man attempting to vacuum 5 four-week-old puppies to death! Thanks to kind supporters like you, Doll was able to rush to the scene and bring the puppies to Hope Animal Sanctuary where we gave them immediate veterinary care.

We would be honored if you would join us during the lead up to this holiday season by making a gift each month for as little as $5 or more to support our 11 campaigns and 2 sanctuaries.

You may also contact our dedicated Animal Advocates Program Manager, Erica Calderon, at (415) 448-0048 ext. 215 or to find out more information about the program or to enroll. Erica is awaiting your call… (You may even get a nice “hello” bark from one of the many office staff dogs).

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