The White Dog Letter

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In Defense of Animals’ Dog Meat campaign started with one deeply moving, heartfelt letter from a South Korean woman seeking help after witnessing the horrific slaughter of a dog for their meat.

Simply written, the letter describes a tragedy she witnessed befalling one of the victims of the South Korea’s dog and cat meat trade.

“The man dragged the dog for about twenty meters and tied him to a post. The dog was screaming in pain. The man used his two hands to pull the dog’s tail with all his strength, causing the dog to be choked, crushing his backbone.

Using all his strength, he pulled the dog by his left leg. Next, he did the same with the right leg. While the dog was still alive, he was tearing his body apart. The dog was moaning with horrible pain.

He took a short break, looking at the dog and observing the dog’s dying condition. He waited a few minutes and proceeded to repeat these actions three more times over the next thirty minutes.

I asked the man, ‘Why are you killing the dog so painfully, so cruelly? Why can’t you kill him quickly?’

He thought I was someone who enjoyed dog meat. He smiled at me and proudly told me, 'Dogs should take a long time to be killed, that way it tastes better.'

My heart was aching, I couldn’t breathe from the shock. I ran back to my inn, my face covered in sweat and tears. I cried, 'White dog, I wish you peace in heaven. The man who killed you is so cruel, how can he be part of our Korean people? Someday the butcher will die, I believe that he will die just like you, with pain.'

Please let everyone throughout your country know about this cruel man and his acts by sending this letter to newspapers, television, and magazines.”

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