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Animals raised for food are among the least-protected class of animals in our nation. They are denied the same legal protection from cruelty as dogs or cats, despite sharing the same capacity to suffer.

In Defense of Animals works to protect farmed animals by lobbying for legal change, pressuring major food suppliers to make plant-based meals widely available, and public awareness initiatives to inspire cruelty-free lifestyle choices.

Political Action

Lobbying efforts are crucial in order to improve animal protection laws, which make considerable changes in the lives of farmed animals. As we work toward ending all forms of animal exploitation, we encourage you to get involved through lobbying for reforms along the way. Through lobbying, each of us can take action to create a more compassionate and just world for farmed animals.

Pressure Suppliers

By influencing major food suppliers to include cruelty-free options on their menus, we can achieve meaningful victories that spare countless animals from lives of suffering. Through collective consumer demand, numerous campaigns have successfully pressured corporations to make positive changes for animals. Get involved by staying up to date on our current campaigns.

Community Outreach

Through educational efforts, we can create lasting change by helping others to make more compassionate choices for animals. We build a kinder future by focusing our outreach efforts on young people, inspiring the next generation of animal advocates through promoting empathy and respect for farmed animals. By taking action and educating others about the plight of farmed animals, each of us can make a profound impact.


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