Animal Advocate Spotlight: Dramatically Inspiring Raccoon Rescue by Trevor Mayes!

Animal Advocate Spotlight: Dramatically Inspiring Raccoon Rescue by Trevor Mayes!

Animal Advocate in the Spotlight!

Dramatically Inspiring Raccoon Rescue by Trevor Mayes!

Meet Trevor Mayes, our Animal Advocate in the Spotlight for the month of April. Trevor currently lives in Orange County as a script consultant and filmmaker. We are delighted to know that we have a vegan and self-proclaimed cat whisperer on our team!

Trevor shares his rescue story:

"While driving home one day, I spotted a large raccoon tumbling out from beneath the car in front me, leaving him stunned and immobilized in the middle of the road.

I now had a quick decision to make – swerve around him and risk having someone behind me run him over. Or stop directly behind him and block traffic.

There was really only one option. I stopped my car behind the raccoon and endured the loud chorus of honks and shouts from angry commuters stuck behind me.

But now what?

I calmly approached the raccoon. He looked frightened and disoriented but otherwise okay. He locked eyes with me, and I just kept saying softly, "It's okay... It's okay..."

I had always been told to never approach a wild raccoon – especially an injured one. But in that moment, looking at those panicked eyes, I resigned myself to giving it a shot.

I slowly bent down, eased my hands underneath his rough fur, and picked him up. He held my gaze the entire time, assessing me as I gingerly stepped to the side of the road and eased him onto some grass. I genuinely believe he knew I was trying to help him.

After moving my car and freeing the lengthy traffic jam, I waited while the raccoon fully regained his wits – at first on shaky legs, and then fully recovered as he disappeared into the safety of some trees."

The IDA team is very happy to share this heart-warming story. We are honored to have Trevor on our team of Animal Advocates; his compassion is so inspiring and makes the work we do possible. Thank you, Trevor!