Animal Guardian Month

Animal Guardian Month

Animal Guardian Month

We have dedicated the month of May to promoting the life saving language, actions and values of animal guardianship in regard to our fellow beings. With your help, we do this by reaching out to friends, family, colleagues, shelters, rescue and animal protection organizations that you might belong to or support to ask them to make a small but important update to how they refer to our fellow animals.

The term "ownership" represents a demeaning, exploitative and outdated paradigm, and a mindset that non-human animals are mere objects, property, commodities, and things with no interests or needs of their own, to be bred, bought and sold, exploited, and killed for profit, food, fashion, entertainment, experimentation or discarded when they are no longer wanted or useful.

On the other hand, animal "guardianship" instills greater levels of respect, responsibility, compassion, consideration, justice, nonviolence and love toward the animals with whom we share our homes, our lives, our planet.

By pledging to drop the exploitative language of animal "ownership," we take a step toward bringing about a more positive relationship between human and nonhuman animals.

As animal guardians, we urge all who share their homes with one or more animal companions:
1. To make a lifetime commitment to them, to cherish and love them, to always treat them as family, with respect, compassion, consideration, kindness and gentleness.
2. To care for their emotional needs and work through any behavior issues that may arise.
3. To promise to only adopt, and to never to buy or sell a fellow being - for they are not objects, property, commodities or things to be bought and sold.
4. To commit to sterilizing your animal companions.
5. To always provide them with nutritious food, fresh water and daily exercise and to avoid the use of toxic cleaners and chemicals in your home.
6. To always refer yourself and others as guardians and family of your animal companions, rather than owners or masters.
7. To treat all our fellow beings with whom we share our homes and planet with respect, consideration, kindness, justice and compassion.
8. To protect our and their environments, to preserve their habitats, to work to end their enslavement, and to end any and all cruel and outdated customs and tradition, in our country and around the world.

The concept of animal ownership, enslavement and exploitation must be fought and ended.

We invite you to pledge now to drop the word "owner" and become from this day a "guardian" to all animals. Thank you for doing your part.

"Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." Albert Einstein

"We can't change the world for animals without changing our ideas about animals. We have to move from the idea that animals are things, tools, machines, commodities, resources here for our use to the idea that as sentient beings they have their own inherent value and dignity." Andrew Linzey, Director, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

"In the legal sense, animals are regarded as ‘things,’ mere objects that can be bought, sold, discarded, or destroyed at an owner’s whim. Only when animals can be regarded as ‘persons’ in the eyes of the law will it be possible to give teeth to the often-fuzzy laws protecting animals from abuse." Dr. Jane Goodall

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