Our Elite Team of Animal Advocates Needs You!

Our Elite Team of Animal Advocates Needs You!

Every day since our founding in 1983, we fight to protect animals, people, and the environment through education, campaigns, and hands on rescue facilities in India, Africa, and rural Mississippi. We have come to the rescue of thousands of abused and exploited animals across the world, providing care and kindness when others would not.

Animal Advocates are truly the drive behind In Defense of Animals, providing vital support for animals in need. They are our dedicated and passionate supporters who make a tax-deductible monthly contribution to In Defense of Animals.

Teamwork is vital to our mission at In Defense of Animals, and animals depend on people like you to support them in their hour of need. This is why we are inviting you today to become the newest member of our Animal Advocates program.

With a pledge of as little as $5 a month (just 16 cents a day!) you can become a member of our special Animal Advocates team. Here’s how your regular support will help animals at our sanctuaries:

$5 = five dog and cat toys to lift animals’ spirits while they recover and wait patiently for their forever homes
$25 = one bag of dog food, or two bags of kitty kibble to fill little tummies and keep tails wagging or upright
$50 = one shot to prevent lethal heartworm in our canine companions
$100 = spays one dog or cat to spare countless animals from homelessness, neglect, and death
$1,000 = saves the lives of two heartworm-positive dogs who would not recover without treatment

By making monthly contributions, your generous donations will allow us to do all this, and come to the immediate aid of animals in emergency situations. Joining our Animal Advocates team is easy and convenient and you can cancel at any time. Your support will allow us to get out there and protect animals from abuse, cruelty, and exploitation.

Animal Advocates enjoy numerous benefits, including:

●      25% off of all merchandise in our store

●      Subscription to our quarterly newsletter

●      See your generous gift in action each month with updates on our latest victories

●      The animals will be forever grateful!

In addition to our wonderful sanctuary in Mississippi, we advocate for animals’ rights, including elephants in captivity and dogs being slaughtered for meat in South Korea.

We are so grateful to rely on the support of our Animal Advocates, who make it possible for us to act fast at a moment’s notice to provide support for animals in need through our unique campaigns, and at our sanctuaries in the US, India, and Africa!

Please, join our great team of Animal Advocates today. Give it a try!

Your monthly donation will maximize your impact for animals and save lives.

Click here to join our Animal Advocates team now. 

Become an Animal Advocate, Today!